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BSc Computer and Video Games graduate releases award-winning game with Channel 4

31 March 2015

Channel 4 has just released an award winning video game, developed by BSc Computer and Video Games graduate Tom McParland and colleagues. The BAFTA nominated puzzle-platforming game started as an entry in the Dare to Be Digital competition, where Tom and his team were encouraged by their course tutor to take part. The team later went on to win the Channel 4 prize, and have since grown their company Lamplight Studios.

In A Pixel Story, taking on the role of the titular pixel, players need to escape from a Pong-like game world and then progress through increasingly detailed game worlds that pay homage to the developments made in gaming across four graphical generations.

Colin MacDonald, Games Commissioner at Channel 4, was one of the judges at Dare to be Digital and has been mentoring the developers since the competition winners were announced. Colin said: “Lamplight Studios’ love letter to video gaming is fun, fiendishly challenging and charming in equal measure, and we can’t wait to share its story with the world.”

The release of the game is a bold step for Tom and his team at Lamplight who hope to leave their mark on the British games industry.

When asked how Tom thought his course at Salford in Computer and Video Games contributed to his success in the industry, he said “Our course taught us how to be self-sufficient as a team, encouraging members to not only focus on a certain skill set but to also learn around this speciality to get a broader understanding of developing a game as a team.”

For more information about the BSc in Computer and Video Games, please visit the coursefinder page.