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Is formatting your dissertation/thesis harder than you expected?

17 July 2017

If you’re struggling with word processing your dissertation/thesis, then you’re not alone. It can be a demanding task, with many students find this aspect of the process more time consuming and stressful than they anticipated. But MS Word provides tools and features that make this task so much easier to manage. You can save time, learn the skills to work more effectively and reduce your anxiety levels too.

Do you know how to…?

  • Create an automatic table of contents for your document headings?
  • Apply Word’s ‘Captions’ for figures and tables, and create automatic listings for them?
  • Apply different page numbering formats to the different parts of your document?
  • Change page orientation mid-document, e.g. to accommodate a large chart?

No? What??? Then you need to check out our handbook and video resources…

Handbook and Videos

These resources focus on the key MS Word tools and features that you should know about and use when Formatting your dissertation/thesis.

Image of video screens


Congratulations David! Our first MOS Master 2016

16 December 2016

Congratulations to David E Sanchez Espinoza on becoming the University’s first person to qualify as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) – Master 2016, since it was introduced in September. Yes, last week was an eventful one for David, as he also graduated with an MSc in Petroleum and Gas Engineering.

Determined to achieve Master status before he left Salford, achieving this certification felt like an early Christmas present to himself!


David Sanchez Espinoza – MOS 2016 Master

David recommends the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) programme to all, and not just to enhance a CV.

“I think that many of us are familiar with Microsoft Office applications, but only to a limited level. I wanted to use this opportunity to develop my skills and broaden my knowledge in the applications that are really relevant to my career field. Going through the MOS programme has allowed me to do that.

I now have much more confidence in producing professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the workplace. And getting a certificate that validates my knowledge is definitely worth it.”

Want to know more about MOS?

It’s a globally recognised certification programme, and is freely available to all current students and staff at the University.

The training software is aimed at candidates who have an existing knowledge of their chosen application/s, but perhaps need to strengthen or widen that knowledge to become ‘exam ready’.

How many exams you take is entirely up to you – the choices are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and/or Access. Expert level certification is also available in Word and Excel. Or you can aim even higher with the MOS Master certification, as David did, by passing a combination of four exams.

Don’t put it off ’til tomorrow – join the MOS programme today

Join us at our Summer School 2016

6 June 2016

Events running 20-30 June

We’re running lots of workshops during June which are perfect if you’re new to the University or even if you’ve been here a while, but just not noticed some of the excellent workshops we provide! We’re calling it our ‘Skills for Learning – Summer School 2016’ and it would be great if you, and the sun, could join us.

So if you need to learn how to find information for your assignments, improve your study skills and build on your IT skills this is the place to start.

Some workshops/events require you to book a place whilst others just invite you to turn up.

To find out what’s on offer visit Summer School 2016

Image representing workshops

Graduating this summer? Add ‘Microsoft Office Specialist’ to your CV

19 May 2016

Now you can demonstrate to prospective employers that you have the key IT skills that they require, by passing exams in key Office applications and achieving ‘Microsoft Office Specialist’ (MOS) certification. In a competitive job market, this globally recognized certification gives a real boost to your CV and is a great way of standing out from the crowd. Image of MOS logo & application icons

What’s available?

  • A choice of seven key Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote and/or SharePoint.
  • Three different levels – you choose the right one for you: Specialist, Expert and Master
  • You decide how many exams you want to sit and which applications

What’s the benefit to you?

  • Proven evidence of your IT skills
  • Ideal for those with a good working knowledge
  • Increase your job marketability
  • Improve your academic performance

The Library’s MOS programme is free to all current students. The free online training allows you to build on your existing knowledge, and prepare for MOS exams as it mimics the real thing.

Graduating this summer?

You’re still eligible to sit our MOS exams, as they are running from May to mid-August, with dates added in response to demand. Please note that exams are invigilated, and take place on campus.

Want to know more?

Shaho passes 7 MOS exams in 2 days

6 May 2016

With only the final touches needed to complete his MSc dissertation, Petroleum & Gas Engineering student, Shaho Mohamedali wanted to add MOS qualifications to his CV but only had a short window of opportunity, before returning home to Iraq.

On arrival at the exam session he wondered… could he take the ‘Specialist’ exams for all seven available applications in one day? Well, we’re flexible when we can be. Shaho had met the testing criteria for all seven applications. With his leaving date in mind, we agreed.

So yesterday Shaho sat and passed exams in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and SharePoint. Alas, time ran out and he had to wait until this morning to take his Access exam. But he’d gained his 7th pass by 10.40am and was free to enjoy the rest of his day in the Salford sunshine!

Congratulations Shaho!



What about you?

Not everyone wants certification in all seven applications – you can sit as many or as few as you wish. If you want to boost your CV whilst developing your existing IT skills…

Join the MOS programme

Our programme is available to all current Salford University students and staff. 2015-16 graduates are eligible throughout the summer, and the exam dates mid-August 2016.

Visit ‘Get qualified’ for details about the programme and how to join

Graduating this summer? There’s still time to add MOS to your CV

If you want evidence of your IT skills and are graduating this summer there is still time to take MOS exams in the applications of your choice. Visit Advantage for dates from now until mid- August. Keep an eye out for new dates too, as they will be added in response to demand.

Forwarding student email – so easy!

9 December 2015

Do you keep forgetting to check your student email? Avoid missing important messages by forwarding your University student email messages to your personal account.

It’s so simple that I’ve outlined it below. But just in case you want to hear my dulcet tones I’ve created a short video as well…

  • Login to your Office 365 email account and click on the Mail button
  • From the Settings button, choose Options
  • On the left hand side, listed under Accounts, select Forwarding
  • Click on the Start forwarding button
  • Type the address that you want to forward the messages to into the box
  • Click on Save.

All done!

Changing your passwords has never been easier

2 October 2015

Most of us will forget our log on or email password at some point. But resetting your password is really easy, and it doesn’t matter if you are on campus or sitting at home…

All you have to do is visit the Student Channel at, select IT Resources and click on the Password Reset link.

It’s all very straightforward, but here’s a short video anyway to guide you on your way.



Office 365 – it’s not just email!

23 September 2015

As a student at Salford University you have an Office 365 account, which gives you access to:

  • Your  email account
  • Online versions of Microsoft Office
  • 1 terabyte of file storage on the cloud.

And as if that’s not enough, whilst you’re a Salford University student you can… install and use full Office 2013 FOR FREE on up to 15 personal devices! Desktop, laptop, tablet and phone: windows and macs…

So log in regularly to your Office 365 wherever you are at

For more information take a look at our Office 365 video and visit Office 365 for Students

Learn to ‘Touch Type’ this summer

10 July 2015

We often meet students who express their frustration that they cannot type ‘properly’. Learning to ‘touch type’,  typing accurately… at speed… without looking at the keyboard, is a great skill to aquire. It saves lots of time – it allows you to work smarter!

Well, the good news is, it’s never been easier to learn… as there are so many websites offering it for FREE.

My personal favourite is It’s easy to use, and its layout is clean and simple. As you learn more keys, its graphics – a coloured finger  indicates which finger to use for each key – are a great visual prompt.

Hands graphic - visual aid for touch typing

Can’t remember where a key is? Look at the blue finger on the screen…

Get the most out of it by creating an account

You don’t have to create an account, but if you do then your progress is tracked so it remembers the last thing you did, and it highlights your weak points. Mine was always having to reach out with my little fingers… I’ve got small hands…

Give it a go – it’s actually quite fun, especially for those who have a competitive inclination.

But remember, if you want it to stick you’ll have to practice, practice, practice… so the summer vacation is an ideal time to set yourself up for September.


Our first Microsoft Office Specialist Master!

5 May 2015

Majd Al-tujjar, Microsoft Office Specialist MasterCongratulations to Majd Al-tujjar, a postgraduate student from Computing, Science & Engineering, who is the first person to become a Microsoft Office Specialist Master in a new programme offered by the University to all students and staff.

Twenty candidates have succeeded at individual exams as part of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) programme, which is free to students and staff across the University.

Majd Al-tujjar passed four exams in quick succession, in Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint and Outlook, to gain the Master qualification.

He certainly recommends the programme to all who want to enhance their CV with this globally recognised qualification. He said: “I always wanted to have a deeper knowledge about Microsoft Office programs than I had already and the MOS certification programme has helped me to get more than I thought. It helps me to demonstrate that I have now the deepest level of skills needed to use Office programs proficiently.”

The MOS programme offers the option of gaining certification in one or more applications or aiming for the Masters certification (a combination of four exams) as Majd did.  For more information on the MOS programme visit

Are you ready to take a MOS exam?

There are two exam dates this month, 7th  May and 28th May. So if you’re MOS registered and are scoring 70% or over in the self-study training software, then you’re ready to book your exam place via Advantage.