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New to Salford? You are not alone! #studentdiaries

30 January 2017

Our team of fab student bloggers have been writing about their experience of studying at Uni and sharing some really good reflections about being a new student.

Anne – studying Occupational Therapy

Meet Anne. She has become an ‘expert juggler’ since starting her Occupational Therapy course in September. She has been blogging about setting up her ‘occupation station’, having 3rd week wobbles, building professional relationships by car sharing and a few referencing lessons have been learnt! All of Anne’s posts can be read here.




Dave – studying Podiatry

Dave StuartSince starting in September, Dave has been busy getting ready for professional practice and has also completed Wordscope, our academic writing course –  he says his writing style has really improved as a result. He also got support from the Skills for Learning team when writing his first essay. Read more about Dave’s first semester here.




Dominic – studying English and Creative Writing

Dominic says that at 48 (almost 49), he is the very definition of a mature student… or as his daughter said “You’re not mature Dad, just old!”. He has been surprised by the pace and has had to battle with some time out due to illness. He has found comfort in knowing that others on his course are all in the same boat and ready to pick each other up when they ‘trip and fall’. All of Dominic’s posts can be read here.




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Hanging in there! #studentdiaries

9 December 2016

Reading, planning, more reading, writing and a bit of uncertainty

I have recently felt a little drained so decided to stop writing the blogs and recuperate. I think I was trying to do too much at once and needed to slow down a little. We (podiatry) have been given our first assignment and because I was not working I decided to ploughed into it to try and get it out of the way – loads of reading, planning, then more reading (and more reading!) then writing. However, after writing a large portion, of the essay, I was left with a feeling of uncertainty about my ability to write an essay, having not written a proper essay in a long time.

The Skills for Learning team reassured me

I asked my girlfriend to read through my essay and she thought that it was a good essay. However, being the perfectionist that I am I wanted a second opinion. I booked myself in for a 1-to-1 with the Skills for Learning team:  Although they could not comment on my subject area, they were able to comment on the general essay structure, and whether the content linked back to the essay question I had been given. I was relieved to be told that there were a few minor points that should be changed: a few sentences went either off point or did not cement the point I was trying to make; the removal of bullet points; and slight amendments to my referencing. It felt reassuring to know I am more on track than I initially thought.

I cannot recommend Wordscope enough

Today was the last day of the 10 week Wordscope course. I cannot recommend Wordscope enough. I struggled for the first three or four weeks. My writing style then started to change and improve. The amount of red pen on my homework pieces (one piece of homework per week taking up to 45 minutes) has decreased, although, I still tend to make errors here and there. I think I might redo this course again either next semester or at a later date to remedy this. Each of the lectures has a handy guide for each lesson which could be useful for many years to come.

Now to prep for our exams in January! I wish you all a fantastic Christmas and hope you manage to fit in some fun away from the exams and coursework!

So many ways to get the skills you need

4 February 2016

Skills for Learning is the place to look if you want to develop your study skills, get the best out of IT at Salford and learn how to find resources in our amazing Library.

  1. Visit the Skills for Learning website for information, eLearning, videos, workshops and guides
  2. Get the latest hints and tips by checking out this blog, following our Facebook page and following us on Twitter @skillupUS
  3. Look out for posters advertising the latest events
  4. Find out who your Academic Support Librarian is – they can help you to find resources for your subjects
  5. Learn how to be a student by watching this amusing video


Struggling with your studies? Get Skills for Learning

11 December 2014

skills for learning captureSkills for Learning is a great new website that brings study support together in one easy to find place. It covers all the main areas of:

– Reading and writing

– Finding and understanding information

– Using and referencing information

– IT and digital skills

– Working with numbers

– Group work and presentations

– Assessment, revision and exams

– Supporting your dyslexia or disability

Go and have a look around the site to see what support you can get today from eLearning, videos and guides, or another day by booking onto a workshop, calling into a drop in or arranging a one to one appointment.

And don’t forget, there are also lots of great posts on this blog that will help you with your studies.

If you would like to comment on the site, make suggestions for things to add and things to change you can either post a comment here or email