Goodbye Adelphi, Hello Clifford

By Apr.18, 2016

As the School of Arts & Media looks forward to moving some of its programmes from the Adelphi campus into a beautiful new building at the heart of the University’s Peel Park campus, here in the Library at Adelphi we are planning our own move.


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Engage more, learn more, achieve more

By Apr.04, 2016

The start of the refurbishment of the Clifford Whitworth Library is just around the corner, which will provide students with state of the art facilities and resources to support your studies. In the 21st Century, libraries no longer conjure up an image of endless rows of dusty books with a disapproving librarian looking over his or her glasses. Indeed, although the redesign of the Clifford Whitworth library is based on Peel Park, Britain’s first municipal park dating back to 1846, the new design is anything but archaic. Read more…..

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The Library in the Park

By Mar.14, 2016

The theme for the new Clifford Whitworth Library design is ‘the library in the park’ – inspired by the park we overlook.
Peel Park was the first municipal park in the UK, and opened to the public 170 years ago this summer. Our designers have reflected the theme in their use of colours, materials and artwork within the building, as well as creating areas on each floor based around the look of park pavilions. In future blog posts we’ll be looking at the innovative design in more detail. Read more…..

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Moving 330,000 books – twice!

By Feb.26, 2016

The second phase of the Library Development Project will see £5.8m invested into transforming Clifford Whitworth Library.PARK-BENCH-GRAPHIC--green

The plans, drawn up by interior design consultancy Fuse, will provide additional seats, computers and brighter more attractive spaces to enable students to study in the way they want. The designs will also allow for the integration of stock and services provided at Adelphi Library, which will close in summer 2016. Read more…..

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