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Knowledge for Change – placements in Uganda

23 February 2017

Knowledge for Change is an international charity, hosted by the University of Salford, that provides highly educational elective placements and training opportunities in healthcare sectors in developing countries. Driven by our strong focus on ethics and sustainability, all placements aim to facilitate a mutual exchange of knowledge, skills and expertise. This way, while having a valuable and unforgettable experience, students are able to engage in and contribute to meaningful, interesting and ongoing projects aimed at making sustainable improvements to some of the most poorly resourced healthcare systems in the world.


Benefits to Uganda

K4C’s core values and principles ensure the placements are of mutual benefit to Uganda as they are to our students. Our strong focus on ethics and sustainability mean that you will have the ability to make a real difference in Uganda. We ensure our students are not ‘fly on the wall observers’ during placements; they get stuck in under direct, high quality supervision from our professional volunteers and local partners. This is why 91% of students who completed a placement with K4C in 2015/16 believed they’d had a ‘positive’ or ‘very positive’ impact on the individuals, facilities or health system within which they were based*.

Benefits to Students

A placement with K4C will allow you to develop your knowledge, skills and experience not only in relation to your professional course but also for your personal development.  Over 80% of students thought their placements with K4C had a ‘strong’ or ‘very strong’ impact on their skills in areas such as communication, compassion/empathy, resource awareness, cultural awareness, appreciation of good healthcare and the UK NHS, health systems thinking and their personal and professional commitment and motivation. 96% of students believe their placements have a ‘very positive’ impact on their career! This is incredibly important at a time when competition for jobs is increasing and you need something unique to make you stand out in interviews.

Our placements are safe and we all accommodation and travel are fully risk assessed. You are support by our staff in Uganda as well as the UK. You will have the opportunity to meet many new and interesting people and are also free to do as you please during evenings and weekends. There is plenty to do and see in Uganda! From safaris to relaxing by a beautiful lake!

Bursaries and funding opportunities

We understand that funding an international elective placement can be expensive, so to make this exciting opportunity available to as many people as possible, we have detailed some recent funding and bursary options below that you may be able to benefit from. Eligibility criteria do apply, however these are by no means the only funding available should you not be eligible, or fail in your application. The majority of universities have their own travel funding available for their students, so start by asking international offices, placement managers and personal tutors. External funding can be found by asking friends, colleagues, tutors or searching on Google!

HEIF Funding

Through its ‘HEIF funding scheme’, the University of Salford has released a minimum of 30 bursaries worth £1000 each for placements in Uganda in 2017. Groups of students from multi-disciplinary backgrounds will be attached to each of the following K4C projects: 1)  Supporting blood transfusion services (in partnership with the UK Blood & Organ Transplant Service) 2)  Understanding the dynamics of microbial resistance and the effect of buildings/structures (partnership with One Brick at A Time, OBAAT) 3)  Supporting children with mental and physical disabilities (in partnership with Kyaninga Children’s Development Centre, KCDC) 4)  Promoting respectful care in Midwifery (in partnership with the Burdett Trust and the Royal College of Midwifery) How to apply: All eligible applications received will be considered for a bursary. Request an Application Form using the contact details provided. Deadline for applications is 26th March 2017.

There are also other funding opportunities available through Santander who offer travel bursaries to 81 different universities from across the UK. Their relationship with each university varies, however many offer international travel grants and awards worth between £300 and £5000. This is not affiliated with K4C.


If you wish to apply for a placement with K4C please get in touch by emailing Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 161 295 2823.

Find us on Facebook/Twitter ‘@K4C_Uganda

Salford student makes a difference

5 October 2016


This week three Ugandan healthcare professionals are arriving at the University of Salford on the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship programme. This is Euphrasia, our previous colleague, who has returned and made a profound impact. The health centre she works in (Kagote) had not delivered a baby for 16 years and it is now the best performing health centre in the District with deliveries increasing all the time.

Euphrasia is now able to contribute to teaching on their new midwifery degree supported by our charity and Salford staff. And now we are embarking on supporting another failing health centre. Kagote is the facility we choose to place Salford midwifery students in on placement so they get great support. If you are going over there look out for her smiling face!

Find out more about Knowledge4Change & University of Salford Knowledge and Place projects.



Supporting Ugandan health facilities through professional volunteering

30 June 2016

knowledgeandplace1The twins pictured (boy and girl) were born at Bakuuku Health Centre Four (HCIV), Fort Portal, Uganda. Bakuuku HCIV is staffed by Knowledge for Change (Knowledge and Place) which places volunteers (including University of Salford Nurses and midwives) for capacity development purposes.

Unfortunately one of the twins (girl) died due to power cut that supported their oxygen supply. The surviving twin boy is now cared for by a number of volunteers including Salford University student nurses and midwives.

This case highlights health care challenges in low income countries and how professional volunteers can help support local capacities.

Supporting Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) library

22 June 2016

“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light” –Vera Nazarian

Prof Louise Ackers has recently been awarded £1,500 worth of books by British Medical Journal. The books are now at Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) at Fort Portal, Uganda. This donation (applied on behalf of MMU) by Professor Louise Ackers will be used by thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students at MMU.


Funding to reduce maternal and newborn mortality in Uganda..

1 September 2015

Prof Louise AckersProfessor Louise Ackers, from School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Science, Salford University has just received news of funding from the Tropical Health Education Trust (THET) for 2 projects focused on reducing maternal and newborn mortality in Uganda.

The ‘Reducing Infection through improvements in Hand Hygiene’ is focused on the development of a social enterprise in the local production of hand gel, linking Mountains of the Moon and Salford University social work students. The award of £27,650 will support this partnership.


Salford Students head to Uganda to start new placement

13 August 2015

Photo 2Professor Ackers will lead the first wave of Salford undergraduates commencing placements in Uganda this week. A total of 35 Salford students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds including nursing, midwifery, social policy, prosthetics, orthotics, podiatry, physiotherapy, social work and integrated professional practice will experience placements in Uganda this summer.