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Has the #pizzagate incident given us a terrifying glimpse of the future?

21 December 2016
Aleksej Heinze providing his view on how to get a work placement

Dr Aleksej Heinze

This year has offered some dramatic lessons in the power of social media. Twice, people have confounded predictions to vote for ideas which have targeted emotional responses.

Now we have President Donald Trump, and the UK Government scrambling to navigate a path out of the European Union.

As 2016 draws to a close, a shooting in Washington at a pizza restaurant – the so-called pizzagate incident – exposed just how dangerous and how effective those emotional appeals on social media can be.


Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC: #NorthernDigitalAwards

16 December 2015
Northern Digitals Awards 2016

Northern Digital Awards

Salford Business School and The Candidate Ltd have been short-listed by the Northern Digital Awards 2016. This recognition in the category of “Digital Marketing Campaign – Third Sector” is for the success with student recruitment to the free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which is part of an international collaboration developing Digital and Social Media Marketing masters course (JEMSS project).

The objective of the hosted course was to create an online campaign to promote a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Digital and Social Media Marketing to global digital marketing enthusiasts and attract 3,000 student sign-ups.

As the course development is co-funded with support from the European Commission, MOOC promotion activity must deliver agreed EU objectives. This included the dissemination activity from 4 European partner universities: University of National & World Economy (Bulgaria), City College (Greece), Kaunas Technical University (Lithuania) and University of Lodz (Poland). All digital marketing communications were managed by England’s Salford Business School (lead partner) and The Candidate Ltd – both part of the Northern Powerhouse.

Why was this digital marketing campaign short-listed by the Northern Digitals Awards?


How to implement your digital marketing strategy

12 December 2015
Aleksej Heinze providing his view on how to get a work placement

Dr Aleksej Heinze

A Digital marketing strategy is critical for organisations operating in markets with high Internet penetration.

However, one of the challenges in digital marketing is that it is based on communications using technologies where hardly a week goes by without a search engine ranking algorithm update or a social network update. Keeping track of the technical changes alone becomes a major task and then there is the need to work out how these changes affect an individual organisation and ultimately its business model.

No organisation wants to follow in Blockbuster’s footsteps and have to close due to not keeping up with the latest technological offerings and how the changes impact on their customers. Researching and teaching digital marketing over the last 10 years has shown that whilst there is change there are also a number of constants.

As we discuss on our Digital Marketing Strategy course, the success of a digital marketing strategy is always dependent on its implementation. How do organisations go about developing and implementing their long term (from 3 to 5 year) plans in such a fast paced and constantly changing environment?


Business will suffer if Schengen agreement is suspended

4 September 2015
Aleksej Heinze providing his view on how to get a work placement

Dr Aleksej Heinze

The Schengen area has never been tested to the same level as it is now. The unprecedented volume of refugees arriving in Europe has left its leaders struggling to cope. Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, issued a sober warning that the crisis puts Schengen into question, while Italy says it is ready to impose border controls and Hungary has sealed off its main train station.

The Schengen Agreement is one of Europe’s most remarkable achievements. Implemented in 1995, it allows free movement of people between member countries – effectively removing border controls. It means that visas, rights of asylum and checks at borders outside the Schengen area apply across member states. Now, some are keen to argue, it is under threat.


Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC #passion4digital

27 July 2015
Aleksej Heinze providing his view on how to get a work placement

Dr Aleksej Heinze

Is it ever possible to keep up with the constantly changing nature of Digital and Social Media Marketing?

The answer is – YES, with continuous professional development. This comes in many forms and for an industry that relies on online content there are plenty of online resources to keep those “grey cells” active.

One of the latest courses is a Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC.

This most recent offering from Salford Business School (part funded by the European Union) has been developed through a JEMSS project partnership of universities in Europe. The partnership draws on consultation with digital marketing recruitment specialists The Candidate Ltd and the leading European Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider – Iversity.


Android operating system: is it safe and secure?

18 January 2015
Android HQ (CC) by Dan H

Android HQ (CC) by Dan H

Google have decided to stop providing security updates for older Android Operating System devices, which could account for 60% of users, over a billion mobile phone and tablet users. There was no official announcement to notify all the users affected and suggest a way forward.

A smart phone operating system (OS) is essentially the software that provides the “brains” for a device that makes the phone “smart”. Like a book without content, a mobile phone without an operating system is not much use.

Android phones and tablets have grown exponentially in popularity since 2009 when android only had 4% of the market. Since 2014, it has become the dominant player with over 84% market share when comparing the main six competitors on the market. This is at the time when smart phone penetration is reaching new levels with 70% of population predicted to have access to a mobile device by 2017. This is one of the reasons that mobile application development is increasingly taught at universities on courses such as our Business Information Technology course.


Academic writing: 10 lessons for business school publications for #REF2020

10 December 2014
Aleksej Heinze

Aleksej Heinze

What should business school academics and those aspiring for a career in a business and management field focus on? The classic four P’s:

  • Publications (high quality journal articles),
  • Pounds (research income),
  • PhD students (the graduation of successful PhD students) and
  • Presence (engagement in conventional press, keynotes etc.) are constantly being extended.

In REF 2014 for example, the change was the introduction of Impact – namely, evidence that research has made a difference in the real world and in REF 2020 it is the importance of open access.

18th December 2014 is the date when the results of REF 2014 are published. However, the work has already been done and individuals who were involved in the evaluation process have reported to their units of assessment – the one most relevant to UK Business Schools is Unit 19 – Business and Management Studies.

So, what are the lessons for UK based academics post REF 2014?


Salford Business School wins Little Chip Student Award at #BigChipAwards

5 July 2014
Big Chip Awards 2014 Winner

Big Chip Awards Winner

Salford Business School’s success with digital enterprise continued this week with winning the Little Chip Student Award 2014. It is one of the two Salford Business School’s projects short-listed for the Big Chip 2014 Awards.

The Big Chips are far and away the biggest digital awards outside of London and the longest running in the UK in their 16th year. They are organised by trade association, Manchester Digital for all things digital – from mobile apps to social media, from animation to websites to digital brand.

Salford Business School’s Centre for Digital Business submitted two projects, one a student Live Project and one a European research project. The two projects provide advice for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and students about the use of social media for international business development.


Passport to trade 2.0 team win European Search Awards 2014 “best use of search – third sector”

30 March 2014
European Search Awards 2014 winners

European Search Awards 2014 winners

The Passport to Trade 2.0 (P2T2) project website wins the European Search Awards 2014!

The European Search Awards is an international competition celebrating the very best in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Digital and Content Marketing from around the world.

Search Engine Optimisation was chosen as the main strategy to attract visitors to the project website. The optimisation was successfully undertaken by a European partnership of five universities and three small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

How did this SEO strategy allow the P2T2 team to win the ‘Best use of Search – Third Sector’ at the European Search Awards? Read more…..

Top 10 international digital marketing skills

6 February 2014
Digital Marketing skills Brainstorming Session

Digital marketing skills brainstorming session

Expanding your business online to international markets is one of the key growth areas for organisations. But how does this growth work? What skills should you and your business have in order to capitalise on this great international business opportunity?

Developing the latest skills and knowledge needed to grow a business online in international markets is the core focus for the creation of a new joint Master’s course in Digital and Social Media Marketing. This course is being developed by Salford Business School in collaboration with four European university partners, expert digital marketing recruitment agency The Candidate and international advertising agency The new course is an extension of the Salford based MSc Digital Marketing that focuses on international business.

So, what international digital marketing skills have we identified so far as important in developing your international sales growth online?