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International students making a great learning experience at #SalfordUni

24 July 2014
Pinyapat Kobkhunphaisan

Pinyapat Kobkhunphaisan

Since my arrival at Salford Business School I have learned a number of things, but one stood out for me and it is one that I did not expect away from home – that is international students friendship. There are a number of fellow international students – some of my new found friends are from Nigeria, Vietnam, China and all over Europe. All of them are studying and socialising at the University of Salford – developing great friendships and we are collectively enriching our learning experience.

I have learned a lot in the formal lectures, tutorials and practical sessions, but the cultural diversity of  other students studying on the same course added that unexpected extra dimension of international cultural awareness. I have made many friends and I am able to shared and experience multiple international cultures, ideas and opinions from different parts of the world.

Friendship provides harmony whilst studying, but it also offers a great resource since a number of modules during my degree rely on group work. Working in international groups allows me to develop team working abilities which are so important in today’s globalized world where business is increasingly relying on international trade.