Find a goal you have a passion for; James Largey, director of Frontline Fit

By Jan.19, 2017

Meet James – a Salford graduate of  ‘Exercise, Physical Activity & Health’  – who I met five years ago when he started small with a fitness bootcamp in his local park. He continues to inspire me with his vision and his determination to make things happen in his life!

“Eleven years ago I had just finished high school with what you would call “below average GCSE qualifications”. I got a D in Maths, D in English and D in R.E., however I did get a C in Science, B in P.E and B in graphic design. Unless my semi professional football career kicked off I had no real serious regard or plans for my future education or working career.

Nevertheless I listened to my elder brother and sister and followed suit by continuing my studies in college – Hopwood Hall Sports College In Middleton. Hopwood allowed me to apply providing I resat and passed my English and Maths exams. I took both exams and obviously invested no time or effort into revising what so ever – so I failed yet again.

A turning point

Fortunately, to my astonishment, I still managed to slip through the system and successfully enrol as a student at the college going straight into a BTec National Diploma in Sports. If you fast forward to real time I now hold a place on their “wall of fame” as an alumni showcasing my success post graduation!

Now to put you in the picture I am currently 29, married, own multiple businesses in relation to fitness, health & sporting performance. So obviously a lot has happened since my ‘poor academic high school years’. I tell you only the beginning of my journey and where I am today simply because everything in-between YOU have full control over. I had to transform my environment by going to Salford University and switch up my pattern by exploring more avenues than just football. Then I had to get rid of my story. The story that said I am a “below average” academic student who is incapable of doing anything truly successful in life. I graduated in ‘Exercise, Physical Activity & Health’ and never looked back! The support I got from staff at Salford has been crucial in helping me head in the right direction.

The secret of my success

From there I did what every other “successful” man and woman has ever done in their life – set themselves a goal that they themselves feel absolutely passionate about. A goal that was so powerful that they are completely committed to achieving yet know that the process is going to be somewhat challenging and may require the occasional detour but its also going to be an enjoyable journey along the way.”

1. Find out your WHY before you venture into anything. (I now go into schools and colleges to talk more about the importance and reasons behind this).
2. You must always learn (grow). If you’re not growing you’re dying.
3. Stay humble and do everything with “God consciousness”…. some people call this “good karma”.

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