Putting networking into practice

By Mar.06, 2017

Dominika Piasecka graduated with a Journalism degree in 2016. She rapidly realised that the skills she needed to build relationships and contacts to get stories for her course were also valuable in  finding jobs.

Dominika Piasecka – at work?


“My name is Dominika, I’m a journalism graduate from the University of Salford and am currently working as Media and PR Officer at The Vegan Society. When I moved to the UK almost 7 years ago, I didn’t know anyone and had to start forming relationships with people from scratch. I first understood the importance of networking at the beginning of my university course when I had to find interviewees for my assignments. The people I knew were more than friends or acquaintances; they were contacts. They helped me to find and connect with people I had to talk to. Online networking makes it all so much easier these days, especially LinkedIn which is a great platform to connect to people professionally. I would add everyone I met during my course and ask relevant people for references and endorsements to build my profile.”


Some people find networking easier than others, but Dominika is an example of how it can work well.  Using LinkedIn is a great example and her tactic of asking people she had done work for to do a recommendation for her on LinkedIn, is an excellent one. After the short internship she did with us in the Student Support team, she asked me for a recommendation which I was happy to do. In the reciprocal spirit of networking, she returned the favour many months later, by providing me with this quote for our blog!

For more information about networking go to our Grit Your Teeth and Get Networking post which is part of the 21 Days to Success Programme.



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