What does success mean to you?

By May.10, 2017

We don’t all have the same definition of success and it can be liberating to think about this when talking about careers. It’s easy to get tied up in knots about earning more or having a certain status but success can be much more subtle than that. We’ve called our 21 Days to Career Success programme deliberately to get you as graduates to think about what success really means to you.

What does ‘career success’ mean to you?  Get yourself in the mood to think about this by viewing these YouTube clips  (source Kerr Inkson – Understanding Careers) which show different ideas about success.  Getting rich, developing as a person, overcoming adversity, winning and being the best, recognition of creativity and making the world a better place come out of these songs. Which one do you identify with the most, or do they all leave you cold?

The following list captures some of the different factors for how people may measure success in their career:

  • Performance
  • Advancement
  • Personal development
  • Creative outlet
  • Financial security
  • Job security
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Recognition
  • Contribution
  • Co-operation

Which of these words mean most to you when thinking about your career?  For some people it will be earning more and getting promoted, for others it will be getting recognition for their work, for others it will be feeling they are making a contribution to society or having an outlet for creativity.

Further information

John Lees – The Success Code: How to Stand Out and Get Noticed (2016)

If you haven’t got started already, start working on our 21 Days to Success programme.

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  1. Mary says:

    Great article. There are so many different facets to a successful career and how people and their employers measure that success. The important thing is to be on the same page with your employer. And it helps to have a job that is fulfilling and engaging! Thanks for sharing this insight!


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