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By Sep.15, 2017

Depending on what jobs you are applying for, you may be asked to take a psychometric or aptitude test at some point in your job hunting.

We want to offer you a chance to get an instant testing practice to get you ahead of the game and help with you future job applications.

Tests are often only one of several selection tools used by an employer in assessing your suitability.

They are designed to test how your abilities in different areas such as verbal, numerical and logical reasoning.

Research shows that practice can help improve your performance in tests and we can help you with that.

The Careers website allows you free access to a range of psychometric tests: numerical, verbal, logical reasoning, as well as a personality questionnaire, a situational judgement test and Assessment Centre Exercises.

All you need to do is register with your university email address and you can crack on and get practice.

If you’d like to book a careers advice appointment to talk about psychometric tests in more detail, you can do this by ringing 0161 295 0023 or booking online via Advantage.

See our other post on assessment centres and psychometric tests for additional information. Here is a short video which gives you a walk-through about Psychometric tests and the test portal the university gives you access to.

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