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Job Hunting Tips – Specialised Job Boards

General job boards can be really useful if you use them right as we’ve seen (look at our previous post here for some tips). But sometimes, they’re just not enough. Some employers will not use them and only post on websites specific to their industry, especially if they’re niche or specialised employers.

Finding these specific websites can be tricky – a google search can help, but even this won’t necessarily find you the best resources. Thankfully, there is a ready-made repository of these websites which is organised by job.

We’ve shared it before on our social media, but the website Prospects is incredibly useful for this. Below you can see one of the job profiles. These give you loads of information on individual jobs; what to expect from the work, working conditions, salary (which is always good to know) and other useful things.

What we want though, is the employer’s section, pictured below. Here you can find a sense of what sort of employers you should be targeting, and right below that, specific job websites to look at for these sorts of roles.

As you can see, these sites are really focused on their specific industry, and sometimes even the specific job.

Once you have had a look at the general job boards, it’s good practice to hit these on a regular basis to make sure you’re getting all the jobs on your screen that are relevant to you.

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