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A Personal Profile section on a CV is a personal choice whether to include on a CV or not however it is good to keep in mind that a Personal Profile can be powerful. I am sure you have now heard that an employer will be spending very little time looking at each CV that comes in for the jobs they advertise. If we think about where an employer’s eyes are drawn on a CV, it is at the top, under the Personal Details section, where you usually place a Personal Profile.

The Personal Profile is the place to briefly outline who you are and what you can offer and be the first chance to start to evidence that you are a match for the job you are applying for. If an employer can start to feel from here that you are a match to the role, they are more likely to continue looking over the rest of your CV.

How do I write a Personal Profile?

The Personal Profile is a very brief summary of you. 2-3 sentences are certainly enough. Below is a pattern you might like to follow:

1. Who are you and how many years’ experience, or what experience have you got relevant to the role?

Example: Construction Project Management Graduate with industrial placement experience as a trainee project manager.

2. What can you offer?

Example: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work to a high standard and meet deadlines.

3. What direction are you headed in? What are you looking for?

Example: Seeking a Graduate Construction Project Management opportunity.

Putting the 3 example sentences together from above, creates a full personal profile!

Important tips to remember

A Personal Profile should be specific to what you apply for therefore you should change the Personal Profile each time you create a CV – all jobs are different so should your Personal Profile be. Choose similar language and key skills from the job description to include in your personal profile. This will help you to avoid using the cliché key skills such as being ‘hardworking’ or a good ‘team player’.

Written by Laura Doherty

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