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Launch Success Stories – Adina Nelu

In the lead up to our fifth Launch Business Incubator Cohort (commencing Autumn 2020), we wanted to take this time to showcase and celebrate some of the 42 most recent businesses from Cohort 3 and 4.

Today we’re writing about Cohort 3 member, composer Adina Nelu.

Adina Nelu is a classically trained film and media composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter originally from Romania. Adina has a great portfolio of work, including original compositions for short and feature films, documentaries, art installations, films and television. Despite the current situation with COVID-19, Adina has been working harder than ever to create beautiful composition pieces despite the current pandemic. Adina’s talents have secured her a broad range of projects including a commission piece from New Creatives North (a talent development scheme co-funded by Arts Council England and BBC Arts), feature films and a project commissioned by Greater Manchester Combined Authority to create a piece that deals with the unseen effects of the pandemic.

Adina cites Launch for helping her learn everything about setting up her own business and helping her gain the confidence to become a business owner.

Check out Adina’s work on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

Instagram: @Adina.Nelu | Twitter: @adinanelu |

If you want to become a part of this ever-growing community of entrepreneurs, business owners and startups then please don’t hesitate to apply for our upcoming Cohort 5 commencing this Autumn/Winter 2020. Cohort 5 will be our first digitally delivered Cohort, so you can take part in this fantastic experience from the comfort of your own home.

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If you want to take some time to speak with one of our Business Advisors before submitting your application, then you can browse and book appointments here.

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