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Launch Success Stories – Carole Guilmard

In the lead up to our fifth Launch Business Incubator Cohort (commencing Autumn 2020), we wanted to take this time to showcase and celebrate some of the 42 most recent businesses from Cohort 3 and 4.

Today we’re exploring the world of Black hair care and beauty products from Cohort 4 member, Carole Guilmard who owns Black Venus Beauty.

Carole Guilmard had always struggled growing up trying to find the right products for her curly hair. Living in a small town in France, where there was not a lot of black people in her community, Carole found shops weren’t selling suitable products for her hair type. 

This inspired Carole to create her online store contacting small brands to offer their products on her store, so they could get the recognition they deserved. As a result of some initial funding from Launch, Black Venus Beauty was officially launched in June 2019 as a platform giving customers access to products made by people who understood the needs of curly hair.

Carole hopes to expand Black Venus Beauty into more than a beauty products platform, with plans to make a space for expert advice and raise awareness on issues within the community. An issue close to Carole’s heart is Alopecia, something her sister suffers from and something which is hard to speak about within the black community. Carole’s aim is to show people it’s not something to be ashamed of and hopes to offer them access to help and advice through Black Venus Beauty.

As part of Alopecia Awareness Month, Carole will be hosting an Instagram Live on her Instagram page @BlackVenusBeauty, discussing the stigmas around Alopecia and a Live Q&A with Dr Ingrid Wilson. Live this Tuesday 1st September @ 8pm.

Instagram: @BlackVenusBeauty | Facebook: Black Venus Beauty |

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