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Launch Success Stories – Elyshia Cantrill

In the lead up to our fifth Launch Business Incubator Cohort (commencing Autumn 2020), we wanted to take this time to showcase and celebrate some of the 42 most recent businesses from Cohort 3 and 4.

Today we’re writing about Cohort 4 member, Elyshia Cantrill who owns Pillar of Women, a female and community empowerment enterprise.

As a highly energetic and positive community activist, Elyshia has brought energy and initiative to many successful projects. Attending Launch has helped Elyshia to harness these qualities and develop a clear vision and goals for her own organisation – Pillar of Women. Elyshia’s organisation seeks to empower and enable women to develop and harness their own abilities to bring about positive change in their lives and communities through workshops, events and associated initiatives. With support from Launch Elyshia has been able to develop a range of resources and projects that are effective and flexible. Overcoming recent restrictions was always going to be a key challenge for a community focussed organisation. Launch funding has also helped Elyshia to invest in printing and portable promotional equipment. This means that Pillar of Women is now self-sufficient and highly flexible to the fast-changing needs and demands of running community events. Elyshia has developed an eye-catching brand identity and range of merchandise to promote  Pillar of Women and is about to launch a series of outdoor socially distanced workshops in her own community. Watch this space!

Instagram: @ pillarofwomen

If you want to become a part of this ever-growing community of entrepreneurs, business owners and startups then please don’t hesitate to apply for our upcoming Cohort 5 commencing this Autumn/Winter 2020. Cohort 5 will be our first digitally delivered Cohort, so you can take part in this fantastic experience from the comfort of your own home.

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