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Launch Success Stories – Ollie Buxton

In the lead up to our fifth Launch Business Incubator Cohort (commencing Autumn 2020), we wanted to take this time to showcase and celebrate some of the 42 most recent businesses from Cohort 3 and 4.

We’re exploring the music industry today with Delux Music Collective, owned by Cohort 3 member Ollie Buxton.

Delux Music Collective – Ollie Buxton

An obsession with music from an early age led to Ollie’s journey into the Manchester music scene, starting to attend gigs at 14 and beginning to manage musicians since the age of 18. Despite not being musical himself, he has found a place to channel his passion for music through his business, Delux Music Collective.

The idea for the business came after Oliver had noticed that musicians were being treated poorly by promoters in the industry. He said: “It became very apparent from working with bands and in the industry that a lot of promoters don’t treat artists correctly. I wanted to start putting gigs on and events and just making sure that artists were treated correctly and paid right because there’s enough money to be made and pay everyone fairly.”

Delux Music Collective’s organises all aspects of live music from booking venues, marketing materials, booking artists, photographers and videographers. They also organised Boogie Wonderland at Manchester’s Zombie Shack. Ollie states: “All the events that we run are just for the artist more than anything, I’m not making money as a promoter or to make money as a promoter. I’m doing it for a love of music.”  

“I joined Launch because I have no idea about anything to do with business at all, and I just thought I might as well give it a go and apply. I know everything I need to know about music, but I know absolutely nothing about business.    

“I thought if we’re going to grow, and we’re going to grow properly and I’m going to do this properly, then I’m going to need some help and Launch was just the perfect opportunity to springboard my ideas.”  

Instagram: @deluxcollective | Facebook: @thedeluxcollective |Twitter: @deluxcollective | Soundcloud: Delux Music Collective. |

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