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Going into a career with the “wrong degree”; and how I proved the naysayers wrong

11 December 2018

This is the last blogpost of the year for the University of Salford’s Careers and Enterprise blog. We hope you enjoy the third in our series of posts written by our graduates that summarise their experience post graduation. This is an inspirational story that shows why you should not feel pigeonholed or limited by your choice of courses. Thanks for writing this Jack!

My story of studying at Salford is actually rather strange. Being a young man, I had always wanted to be an airline pilot, and my A-level grades got me onto the Aviation Technology w/ Pilot Studies course at Salford University. However, in keeping with being a young adult with no real experience of living on my own, managing finances, health and responsibility, this quickly fell by the wayside, and I failed all my first year exams and project work, conclusively. read more

Waiting for the great leap forward?

1 August 2018

Our recent blogs have looked at the experience of recent graduates in the labour market and how they have secured their roles since graduating. This month we have decided to look at graduate job search from the perspective of one of our Careers Consultants as Paul Sheppard shares his experience and offers the following tips and pointers about being proactive in securing your next role.

I need direction

Many students and graduates feel a pressure to have their careers planned out years in advance. Life doesn’t usually work out to plan and the previous blogs show people make effective career decisions at different stages of their life and change tack but if you are struggling the Prospects website is a great starting point and has a couple of career planning quizzes to help you generate ideas and it’s always worth looking at their ‘what can I do with my degree’ pages as a starting point. My colleagues Fiona Christie and Eileen Cunningham have written an excellent ’21 day to Career Success for graduates’ programme that offers advice and practical activities to anyone looking for some inspiration. We would strongly recommend you combine any online research with a conversation with one of our Careers Consultants (and yes, unfortunately, we do work over the summer!) read more