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Job Hunting Tips: Job Boards

Job boards are both the best and the worst when it comes to job hunting. They provide the widest range of potential jobs for job-hunters, literally thousands of job adverts are on these sites, with hundreds added every day.

The problem with this, obviously, is how do you find the jobs your looking for in that ocean of stuff? Most of it isn’t going to be relevant to you, and because of this, using job boards can feel exhausting and pointless.

Fear not! Using a few tips from search engines, you can make online job boards work for you. Take Indeed:

Here we’ve done a pretty standard search for a building surveyor; you can see it has brought up 137 jobs – that’s quite a lot to sift through, and many aren’t going to be relevant. That’s because the search engine looks for everything with either of those two words in the entry. read more