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Mini MBA in Business Leadership

Delivered by Salford Professional Development, a commercial arm of the award-winning University of Salford, In partnership with The Institute of Leadership and Management.


Business school of the year awardOur Mini MBA programme has been developed to meet the demands of today’s global business leaders. Developed by the Salford Business School (SBS), who have won Business School of the Year Award 2014, to give professionals a strong understanding of the core business principles and the skills required to be successful in business and beyond.

The Mini MBA is a blend of academic principles and practical insights to provide a rounded and deep insight into the rapidly changing business environment. It has been designed specifically to engender the key skills that employers look for in their senior management.

Executives and Managers of all levels often use Mini MBA as a springboard since it focuses on the key four pillars of today’s business; strategy, marketing, finance and human resources. Delegates will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to operate effectively in today’s competitive global business environment.

Delegates walk out with the confidence to implement key business strategies, helping them excel in professional life while adding significant value to their employers/businesses.

Focusing on real business issues, Mini MBA is crafted to give you a critical understanding of the key competency areas required for success within the business, enabling you to make more informed and commercially viable strategic decisions.

What the Course Covers

The course has two main themes – ‘Managing the competitive environment’ and ‘Managing organisational resource’ – you will study these two options in depth:

Managing the Competitive Environment:

This module aims to develop knowledge of the major areas of business external to organisations and to develop an understanding of how such aspects can influence senior management strategic decision making. As such, the relationships and inter-dependencies of strategic management, marketing and finance, and how these are key to managing a successful organisation are analysed.

Managing the Organisational Resource:

This module aims to develop knowledge of the major areas of business which underpin the internal configuration and management of organisations. As such, the relationships and inter-dependencies between the keys areas of Human Resource Management, Organisation Theory, Finance and Operations Management are analysed in order to develop a holistic understanding of general management within the contemporary organisation.

Who Should Attend?

Mini MBA is an ideal option for executives who are seeking to improve their knowledge across a wide spread of advanced skill sets. It offers delegates a challenging and rewarding experience that will equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in business, including:

  • Leadership and Development
  • Delivering Customer Value
  • Developing Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Organisational Strategy

Key Benefits

  • Achieve a better understanding of people, products and business – giving you an unparalleled view of your organisations’ strength and future growth opportunities.
  • Build a solid platform to make sound technical, financial and management decisions.
  • Become fully equipped to take on new challenges and progress within your organisation.
  • Gain a clear picture of the business world and its future direction, with forecasts, timelines and analysis from the experts.
  • Learn best practice leadership techniques and industry applications.
  • Gain lifetime membership to our Mini MBA Alumni Network. You will join an exclusive club, in which you can readily share ideas and expertise with like-minded colleagues.

Price & Application:

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