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CEBA Overview from Previous Delegates

Salford Mini MBA

Delegates at Media City UK Campus

The CEBA developed by Salford Business School ran again last month. This programme is proving to be extremely successful, with executives across the country wanting to develop their skill sets but not necessarily got the time available, and the CEBA is the perfect solution and gateway to the MBA if desired..

This 5 day programme is held primarily at Salford Professional Development, Adelphi House, University of Salford with one day being at The University campus at Media City UK to focus on Search and Social Media Marketing.

As the Certificate in Executive Business Administration focuses on the four key pillars of business, we are confident that the delegates take away key objectives in order for them to make a difference within their business and working career.

This programme is also now available in Abu Dhabi for our International audience.


The key areas of focus for the CEBA Include:

  • Introduction and Leadership Development
  • Delivering Customer Value
  • Digital Marketing – Search and Social Media Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Organisational Strategy and Close


 Feedback from previous

“A great class for a rapid approach to the MBA Syllabus. Knowledgeable Tutors with real life experiences. So glad I came on the course”

“A strong program that offers new insights and helps to challenge existing competencies”

“An Excellent short course if you need an Introduction to more formal corporate business skills and knowledge”

“A thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would recommend, whilst time is tight the lecturers engage the audience whilst hitting the key objectives of the program”

“Good for people who have MBA Certificate to refresh them and put some good Business points into their practicing career life”

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