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Do I have the right profile?

Participants typically have at least four or more years of work experience and tend to be mid to upper level managers (with or without direct reports), coming from every discipline, size and type of organization, including private companies, not-for-profits and government services. Note that participants will be joined in groups with peers with different expertise to maximize learning exchanges.

Do I need qualifications to enrol?

The CEBA is open to all levels of experience and will include participants with a diverse range of professional backgrounds including engineering, project management, human resources, operations, sales and many more. A Bachelor or MBA degree is not a prerequisite for enrolment, and some find our CEBA programmes excellent refresher courses for a degree past 7 years.

What is the homework load?

As the CEBA is run over an intensive 5 days, whilst home work may be required during the period it is taking place, there will be no subsequent requirements that will eat into your valuable time.

How challenging is the CEBA – Certificate in Executive Business Administration ?

The emphasis is on helping you reach your peak of excellence and accelerating your career goals, which is why even MBA graduates take the programme to refresh their knowledge base and specialized managers take it to broaden their expertise. Executives use the programmes to develop strategic management skills and network with exceptional peers from a variety of industries.

How soon should I enrol?

Programmes often fill up one or more months in advance so we strongly advise you to register early. Payment must also be completed before you attend, with joining instructions sent about 2 weeks in advance of the start date. Only then is your position secured on the programme.

Is there an exam at the end or is it graded?

There are no exams and the programme is completed with the presentation of a certificate of attendance. Note that our programmes are management development courses and not an accredited course. It is an important distinction since we do not issue credits for attendance. This course will however count towards CPD points.


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