Rory A. Green / RUNNER UP

BA (Hons) Music: Popular Music and Recording

Since joining Salford in 2018, Rory’s interaction with staff and his fellow students has been exemplary. His thoughtful and supportive contributions to tutorial discussions are proof of his mature and developed musicality. His work has been described Senior Lecturer, Nicola Spelman, as “technically proficient and highly expressive” with his band Hands of Lethargy playing a range of jazz, gospel, RnB and soul.

During the start of his third year, Rory specialised in composition and performance which he received first class marks for. Outside of his studies and live performance work, Rory has been contributing to an exciting documentary ‘Mancunian Way’ which explores Manchester’s vibrant music scene and history. This extra-curricular project has led him to conduct research into Manchester’s jazz, hip-hop and RnB scene, as well as composing some original music for the documentary score. Remarkably, he has achieved all of this during the pandemic and all the challenges which music performances have faced, which is testament to Rory’s commitment to the arts and his commendable can-do attitude.

Rory says “This nomination shows that the hard work I have put into my work, both in and out of university, has been recognised and that I am in a community that supports my hard work, my ambitions and my goals of which I am extremely grateful for.”

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