Shariq Ali Ashraf / WINNER

BA (Hons) Music: Popular Music and Recording

Shariq Ali has really pushed the boundaries as an undergraduate composer and sound designer, collaborating with countless students across the University and participating in several 24hr creative challenges, providing bespoke music and sound for several high achieving animations. He has furthered his collaborations internationally, creating original sound and music for students at Volda University in Norway as part of his final year work.

Shariq Ali has been a fantastic student ambassador, attending almost every open day to share his positive experiences of Music at Salford with potential applicants – always with the utmost honesty, encouraging (and entertaining!) accounts of university life.

Alongside all of this, Shariq Ali has been organising his own one-day conference focused on creative careers within the music industry. He also produced a ground-breaking event entitled ‘A Quiet Night In’ – a specialised project catering for those with sensory difficulties who struggle to enjoy a loud night out, with features such as relaxed lighting, acoustic performances and a calming breakout space. His considerate nature towards creativity will surely see him go far within the music industry.

Shariq says “When working in isolation from your peers, it is easy to lose motivation and forget about what you’ve achieved over the past few years. I received news of my shortlisting during the most important few weeks of my degree and it has inspired me to keep creating the best work I can, knowing that people appreciate it. It has been a privilege to have the opportunity to study music and audio for media. I have found the thing I can put my all into. I tried a career in healthcare before I transferred to a Music degree at Salford and part of me felt like I let my family down, but their reaction to me telling them about being a Create Student Award finalist has proven that is not the case.”

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