Week 4 #SalfordSmart – Getting on with your assignments

By Oct.16, 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

#SalfordSmart can help you avoid a last minute assignment rush

Last week #SalfordSmart looked at the 6 steps to writing your assignments, working through step 1 to analyse and plan what you need to do.

Starting on these steps helps avoid a last minute rush to complete an assignment. If you missed it, you can read all about it here.

This week the assessment process moves on to Step 2 – looking at finding information you could use to support the ideas you discuss in your essays or assignments. read more

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Finding the Financial Times

By Oct.11, 2017

The Financial Times is available to view via Newsstand (Gale Infotrac).  However there is a 30 day embargo on content being added to the database so for the most recent copies of the paper look on the on the mobile shelving in the Library extension on the top floor of Clifford Whitworth.

Login to Library Search and click on the Databases link from the top of the screen:

Picture of Library search menu showing database tab.

  • Click on from the menu which appears.
  • click on Newsstand.
  • Click on Link to database.
  • In the Newsstand search screen, click on the Publications tab.
  • read more

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    Week 3 #SalfordSmart – 3 strategies for managing your workload

    By Oct.09, 2017

    #SalfordSmart this week

    Cartoon image of individual reading

    Sound familiar? #SalfordSmart this week looks at strategies to help you plan and focus your work

    As week three starts, your work load may be starting to increase as the amount of class preparation and follow up reading grows and the first assessments and essays start to loom.

    #SalfordSmart this week looks at 3 strategies to help you manage your work load including:

    1. Planning your assignments and managing your time so that you don’t have a last minute rush
    2. Effective reading strategies to help you retain the information you read
    3. Ideas for how you can live well to help you learn, reduce stress and improve your well-being read more

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    Need to get some reading done? Here are Ella’s 5 favourite places to read on campus.

    By Oct.09, 2017

    Another academic year is upon us which many will see as a fresh start. You may be just beginning your degree; or you may see this year as an opportunity to change last year’s habits. One thing we all have in common is we have new reading lists this year! If you are new to University of Salford, you may want to see the previous post Reading Lists and How To Use Them. To mark the occasion, I’ve toured my camera around campus to show you what are, in my opinion, the top 5 reading locations on campus. read more

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    Reading lists and how to use them by Ella

    By Oct.06, 2017


    Ella Haggis, 2nd year English Language student

    Entering any of our English Programmes, you’ll have a lot of reading to do. The type of reading – Fiction or Non-Fiction – will obviously vary from course to course. Some classes will have one or two “core textbooks” that the lecturer will use throughout the whole course. Other classes may give you a wide variety of authors to read from, which is equally fantastic, but maybe not the most convenient for buying the books for your course outright. Ugh, are you feeling stressed already? Don’t worry. read more

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    Need to get a task done? Me too. I’m going to put the Pomodoro Technique to the test

    By Oct.05, 2017

    How many pomodoros did it take for Amy to write this blog post?

    My email and phone are off, I’ve got a brew and the tomato is counting down from 25 minutes. I’m going to see how long it takes me to write this blog post. I’m reckon I can get it finished within one pomodoro but it may take two.

    Confused? Then read on to learn all about managing your time and tasks using the Pomodoro Technique.

    What it the Pomodoro Technique?

    The Pomodoro Technique is all about breaking time down into intervals by using a timer. When Francesco Cirillo developed the method in the 1980’s he used a tomato shaped kitchen timer. Francesco is Italian, pomodoro is the Italian name for tomato and so the Pomodoro Technique was born. read more

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    Week 2 #SalfordSmart – Find the books you need to read for each of your modules

    By Oct.02, 2017


    Hear from Ella, a current student, talking about reading lists in this weeks #SalfordSmart

    #SalfordSmart this week

    There is lots going on in this weeks #SalfordSmart programme. We are looking at using your module reading lists to get hold of the books you need to read.

    Login to #SalfordSmart to learn:

    • Where to find your reading lists
    • How to use the lists to find the books you need in the Library
    • How you can use the reading list system to keep a track of all the reading you have done (and want to do!) so that you can manage your reading load.

    Sneak Preview!

    By logging into #SalfordSmart this week you will also get early access to a fantastic blog post by Ella, a 2nd year English Language student, talking about strategies for reading depending on the classes you are taking or the type of reader you are.

    Access Week 2 #SalfordSmart here read more

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    Tackle common writing problems with Wordscope

    By Sep.28, 2017

    Amy Pearson

    Need help with your academic writing? Let me introduce you to Wordscope.

    Wordscope is a proven programme of tuition for helping you tackle common writing problems such as punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraphing. It is delivered through a series of ten writing workshops and is FREE to all University of Salford students.

    Here’s what one student said about Wordscope last year.

    “I cannot recommend Wordscope enough. I struggled for the first three or four weeks. My writing style then started to change and improve. The amount of red pen on my homework pieces (one piece of homework per week taking up to 45 minutes) has decreased, although, I still tend to make errors here and there. I think I might redo this course again either next semester or at a later date to remedy this. Each of the lectures has a handy guide for each lesson which could be useful for many years to come.” read more

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    Library Subject Support for Arts & Media

    By Sep.26, 2017

    Andy Callen

    Andy explains how the subject responsibilities of your Academic Support Librarians will be changing.

    I’m leaving! Yes, after nearly 25 years working at the University, I’ll shortly be taking early retirement, my last day being Tuesday 24th October.  

    My subject areas (Art & Design, Film & Digital Media) will be split between Maree Green and Joanna Wilson, so from my leaving date Maree will look after:

    Art & Design

    Performance & English 

    Journalism and Politics & Contemporary History 

    Salford Languages  

    Joanna will have:

    Film & Digital Media 

    Music & Dance  read more

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    Week 1 #SalfordSmart – Set yourself up for learning

    By Sep.25, 2017

    Nicola Sales

    Nicola is blogging about being #SalfordSmart

    #SalfordSmart this week

    After the social whirlwind of Welcome week it is time to turn your attention to your studies. Joining in with our #SalfordSmart programme is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the year ahead. Week by week we will take you through the skills you’ll need as you study will us. From finding information for your studies, writing and submitting your first assignment to delivering the perfect presentation and managing your time, #SalfordSmart has got your back.

    Let’s get stuck into Week 1, it’s time to set yourself up for learning. read more

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