3rd week wobbles! #studentdiaries

By Oct.11, 2016

So last week I doubted myself as to why I was here.

Fuelled by a couple of nights of poor sleep due to “Freshers Flu” (a real ailment I’m told even though I didn’t actually participate in Fresher week), I had a ropey lesson where I felt I didn’t have the knowledge or skillset required to do my degree and I started to stress that maybe I wasn’t cut out to be an Occupational Therapist.

When I looked around at my classmates, I found that some already have a wealth of experience in Health Care, they already know a lot of terminology and some of them are already working in an Occupational Therapy setting and here’s me straight from an Access course with my only experience of Health Care being a short spell in hospital to deliver my children and when I broke my wrist at 7 and half years old.

Getting reassurance from my tutor

I went to speak to my year tutor at the end of a lecture to share my concerns, I asked if at the very least I should go and find some volunteer work to broaden my knowledge.  Thankfully she is very easy to talk to and she eased my concerns by reassuring me that it’s my transferable skills that earned my place at Salford and crucially it’s also completely normal at this stage for people to have a little wobble – it is after all a huge, life changing thing that I’m doing.  I went home that day with a positive mind and renewed confidence that I am of course in the right place.

My message is don’t be afraid to speak to your tutors if something doesn’t feel right, you’re not on your own and they will boost you back up.

#toptip speak to your tutors, they are here to help!


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