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That was an academic year? #studentdiaries

11 May 2017

Dominic Williams
English Literature and Creative Writing student

A sort of bombshell hit me this week, with the realisation that my first year as an undergraduate student is about to end.

It doesn’t seem like two years ago that I first made the decision to start the application process, and now here I am, modules for Year 2 selected, with the emphasis on the creative – my main inspiration and reason for this journey.  Even as I’m typing this, it still hasn’t quite sunk in as to what I have achieved, how far I have come in such a relatively short space of time, time which seems to be flying by at an incredibly fast rate. read more

The first semester was a steep learning curve on so many levels #studentdiaries

13 February 2017

Dominic Williams
English Literature and Creative Writing student

Rather astoundingly, time has progressed rapidly and we find ourselves well into Semester Two.

Upon reflection, the first semester was a steep learning curve on so many levels.  The level of study involved in obtaining an undergraduate degree has never been more apparent, as the initial shock of reality biting has settled.  For me personally, the weeks since Christmas have been up and down in a variety of ways, mostly relating to the health of family members or myself.  What seems like such a little thing can have such a big effect on your studies. read more

One Semester Already…? #studentdiaries

15 December 2016

I’m finding myself a little overwhelmed as I start to write this post.  Firstly, I am a little behind due to sickness.  Secondly, given that there are only five days left before we adjourn for the seasonal festivities, there is a general consensus amongst myself and my fellow students, that these last four months seem to have flown by at an alarming rate!  Or, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams “Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so…”

I am in exactly the same position

It is rather perversely amusing to see the varying degrees of panic on students’ faces, as they rush to complete assignments by the various deadlines.  Of course, the amusement quickly fades away as I realise that I am in exactly the same position.  However, I have to recognise that from a certain perspective, the hardest part of my undergraduate journey has already been completed.  In the same sense that the first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have a problem in the first place, then actually attending and completing the first semester, having chosen to go down this higher educational path, is very much that step. read more

November already… I mean NOVEMBER people! #studentdiaries

28 November 2016

Doesn’t time fly

So, I was thinking about a title for my next entry, which is a  little delayed due to personal and family reasons, when it suddenly hit me that we are in November already…. I mean NOVEMBER people!

Where have the last few weeks gone?  It doesn’t seem so long ago that I started this crazy roller-coaster ride.  I can clearly remember several things from the welcome week, even the first week of lectures and seminars like they were yesterday. So where has the time gone?

I’m seven weeks in and already I’m thinking that I won’t have enough time to complete what has to be done before Christmas. Then there’s the January exams, then semester two and then, and then, and then…  Before starting this journey, I understood how people could perceive the life of a student to be quite an idyllic one at times. Yet now I am living and studying in this world myself, it is so apparent that all is not as it seems from the outside. read more

Time and running out of it!! #studentdiaries

18 October 2016

One of the strangely awkward things I have found since starting here at Salford University, is trying to settle into a routine with regards to study, completing work required before or after a lecture/seminar or planning and completing assessments.  I say strangely because I didn’t think it would be too difficult to arrange my time accordingly, as I had only twelve hours of lecture/seminar time per week.  Boy, was I wrong!

What seems easy for me to forget is that prior to starting at Salford, I had been out of work for nearly 15 months due to ill health.  I am surprised by how that lack of discipline and routine in one’s daily life can affect you so much after a relatively short time.  But then again, just over a year isn’t quite the short time one may think. read more

Onwards and upwards!! #studentdiaries

13 October 2016

“Being here has opened my eyes to many things. Being here is indeed an education.”

Tempus fugit indeed… having completed a full week of lectures and seminars, (the first marred by a very iffy stomach!), the full scope of what is required of me has become quite clear.

Although this is a venture (no, an adventure!) that I have chosen, it is no less a journey that I liken to a sailor, taking his first voyage across an unknown sea.  As a member of the crew, along with my fellow students, it is my responsibility to make sure what lies ahead passes with minimal mishaps to reach the eventual aim of the voyage… an undergraduate degree, preferably a first! read more

Week Two… And so it begins! #studentdiaries

4 October 2016

Well, having got through the rollercoaster of Welcome Week, it was time to settle down into the routine of my timetable and crack on with what lectures and seminars lay ahead!  The locations for my education are relatively close together, not that that makes a difference anyway, given my rather sparse timetable!  Still, the exercise would do me good, be it walking to/from the car park to my lectures or just exploring the campus in my own time.

The days seemed to go rather quickly, as the scale of the task ahead became more evident – boy will I have to work !! read more

Week One…ish !!

26 September 2016

dominic-williamsIt only seems like yesterday when I made the fateful decision to actually do what I had only talked about doing for several years.

“You’re not mature Dad, just old!”

Let me step back…. I am at 48 (almost 49), the very definition of a mature student… or as my daughter said “You’re not mature Dad, just old!”.  I went straight into work after leaving college, not being of any further academic inclination.  Over time my interests became diverse, before settling into that which I enjoyed.  I have always loved reading and writing, but previously never considered taking it any further.  However, following a period of illness and expressing constant regret at what I had possibly missed out on, I took the bold step to apply to University.  Given my interests in writing, be it songs or just whatever came into my head, there was, luckily for me being a local lad, only one choice for the course that would allow me to both explore and develop as a writer. read more