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Week 4 #SalfordSmart – Getting on with your assignments

16 October 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

#SalfordSmart can help you avoid a last minute assignment rush

Last week #SalfordSmart looked at the 6 steps to writing your assignments, working through step 1 to analyse and plan what you need to do.

Starting on these steps helps avoid a last minute rush to complete an assignment. If you missed it, you can read all about it here.

This week the assessment process moves on to Step 2 – looking at finding information you could use to support the ideas you discuss in your essays or assignments. read more

Week 3 #SalfordSmart – 3 strategies for managing your workload

9 October 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

Cartoon image of individual reading

Sound familiar? #SalfordSmart this week looks at strategies to help you plan and focus your work

As week three starts, your work load may be starting to increase as the amount of class preparation and follow up reading grows and the first assessments and essays start to loom.

#SalfordSmart this week looks at 3 strategies to help you manage your work load including:

1. Planning your assignments and managing your time so that you don’t have a last minute rush
2. Effective reading strategies to help you retain the information you read
3. Ideas for how you can live well to help you learn, reduce stress and improve your well-being read more

Week 2 #SalfordSmart – Find the books you need to read for each of your modules

2 October 2017

Hear from Ella, a current student, talking about reading lists in this weeks #SalfordSmart

#SalfordSmart this week

There is lots going on in this weeks #SalfordSmart programme. We are looking at using your module reading lists to get hold of the books you need to read.

Login to #SalfordSmart to learn:

  • Where to find your reading lists
  • How to use the lists to find the books you need in the Library
  • How you can use the reading list system to keep a track of all the reading you have done (and want to do!) so that you can manage your reading load.

Sneak Preview!

By logging into #SalfordSmart this week you will also get early access to a fantastic blog post by Ella, a 2nd year English Language student, talking about strategies for reading depending on the classes you are taking or the type of reader you are.

Access Week 2 #SalfordSmart here read more

Week 1 #SalfordSmart – Set yourself up for learning

25 September 2017
Nicola Sales

Nicola is blogging about being #SalfordSmart

#SalfordSmart this week

After the social whirlwind of Welcome week it is time to turn your attention to your studies. Joining in with our #SalfordSmart programme is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the year ahead. Week by week we will take you through the skills you’ll need as you study will us. From finding information for your studies, writing and submitting your first assignment to delivering the perfect presentation and managing your time, #SalfordSmart has got your back.

Let’s get stuck into Week 1, it’s time to set yourself up for learning. read more

We know you’re smart. But are you #SalfordSmart?

20 September 2017
Nicola Sales

Nicola is blogging about being #SalfordSmart

We know you are busy settling in and finding your way around campus, meeting new people etc… make sure you are connected to wi-fi and email so that you can easily share your details with new friends, hook up on social media etc… Unsure how to do this? We have a video about Student email that will help you:

Student Email Video

What is your student email account and how do you use it?

Free Wi-Fi is available on campus. Connect using the UoS-WiFi network. There is no password for this network, you should just be prompted to sign in with your IT account username and password the first time you connect. After this, you should be connected automatically. If you need support to get onto the wi-fi network you can drop into the IT help desk in the registration area of the Maxwell Building, 12 -2pm every day Monday to Friday. After Welcome Week the IT Help Desk will run at the same times but will be on the first floor of the Clifford Whitworth Library on Peel Park Campus. read more

Introducing the University of Salford App Store

19 April 2017
Nicola Sales

Nicola links you to information about the new University App Store

We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new University of Salford app store.  There are many apps which can help you with your studies from accessing and organising the information your need, managing your time, preparing for exams, participating in online activities during classes, creating content for your assignments or improving your health and well being to help you with your studies.

There are so many available that the University has brought the most popular apps used at the University of Salford by staff and students into one place so you can quickly and easily search for, and download, the apps that you want. read more

New to studying law at Salford?

8 February 2017
Nicola Sales

Nicola Sales, Academic Support Librarian for Law

If you are new to studying law at Salford then you may have a few questions about how to go about finding legal information resources for your studies and assignments. We look at answering some of them in this blog post, if your query isn’t covered here please get in touch with me at

There are four main types of information resources that you will need to consult during your programme. These are:

  • Books or eBooks
  • Legal case materials
  • Legislation (such as Acts of Parliament)
  • Legal Journal articles

See the boxes below for discovering how you would find these four main types of legal information resources. read more

Library Locations

27 September 2016

There are lots of Library and Learning spaces on campus for you to use:

Clifford Whitworth Library

Find the main University Library at the heart of Peel Park Campus

Clifford Whitworth is the main University Library. Located on Peel Park Campus it is open 24/7 so whenever you need to study it will be open! Here you will find books and resources for all subjects taught at the University as well as a Library Support Desk and an IT help desk where you can ask for help and assistance with any questions you may have. There are lots of study spaces from quiet to group work rooms as well as laptops you can borrow to work in the Library, a Cafe and lots of computer and printing facilities. read more

Would you like to win up to £120 in vouchers?

23 September 2016

There are two prize draws running between now and October.

Get Going Learning Package

  1. Check out “Get Going” Salford’s on-line introduction to studying at University. “Get Going” will walk you through how learning is different at University and how to begin developing your academic learning skills to become an independent learner.

There’s also information on our Library and how you can access reading lists,  our Virtual Learning Environment (Blackboard) and how you can get Office 365 for free as one of our students.

Complete it all and you could win £100 voucher in our prize draw!

We estimate that it will take approximately 1 hour to complete. If you choose to return to the resource please try to use the same computer or device and choose to ‘resume where you left off’ so that your progress will be remembered. Complete Get Going at:  read more

Welcome to all new students this week!

19 September 2016

Welcome to Salford road sign

Hello to everyone who is starting at Salford this September and those of you who are returning for your new year.

There are lots of things going on in the first few weeks of term to help you get started (or to get going again!) with your University life. In a couple of weeks it will soon be time to focus on studying and learning and getting ahead now with knowing the best ways to get started is a great idea.

We hope you  had chance to look at the Get Going webpages before you arrived, if you haven’t yet these are great pages for helping you make the transition to studying and learning now that you are University. Complete all of Get Going and you can enter a prize draw to win £100 in vouchers! read more