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Week 11 #SalfordSmart – it’s over to you!

3 December 2017

#SalfordSmart this Week

The #SalfordSmart team know that as the end of term gets closer and closer, the mountain of work gets bigger and bigger.

From this week therefore, there is no additional #SalfordSmart information so you can spend your time focusing on finishing your assignments, viewing your grades and feedback and starting to look towards the exams.

juggling lots of tasks

As the end of trimester approaches, there are lots of tasks to juggle

Remember there is #SalfordSmart information to help you, no matter which stage you are at with your tasks.

Look back at what #SalfordSmart has covered, including all this…. read more

Week 10 #Salford Smart – Get Ready for Exams and Revision (Part 2)

26 November 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

With assignments to finish, revision to start and exams looming it is understandable that stress and anxiety can creep up.

#SalfordSmart this week looks at exam nerves, getting yourself at your exam ready best and strategies for coping with the lead up to exams.

image of the two video presenters linking to a youtube video on dealing with exam anxiety

Watch this video for top tips to beat exam anxiety

Click for video

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Week 9 #SalfordSmart – Get Set for Exams and Revision (Part 1)

19 November 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

What’s that coming over the hill? …Exams! read more

Don’t just say it, Prove it! Gain Microsoft Office Specialist qualifications – for free

14 November 2017

Want to prove to potential employers that you have the MS Office IT skills they want? Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the answer.

Don’t take our word for it

Photographs of successful MOS candidates

Successful candidates Raza, David and Judith, are all MOS Masters, but you decide how far you want to go with your MOS journey.

“I have used this opportunity to broaden my knowledge in the applications that are really relevant to my career field. And getting a certificate that validates my knowledge is definitely worth it.” David Sanchez Espinoza, Computing, Science & Engineering. read more

Week 8 #SalfordSmart – Assignment Feedback

12 November 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

Image of dog with large ears with the caption "i am listening"

Taking on board your feedback can help you improve your assignments next time

This week looks at what to do with your assignment feedback.

Receiving feedback on an assignment you put loads of work into can sometimes be hard.

When you get your feedback what do you do with it …

  1. Feedback back? What feedback? Look at your grade  only, after all the assignment’s done now?
  2. Glance over the feedback but ignore it and then move on to the next thing?
  3. Spend some time examining what the feedback means and use it to improve your next assignment?

Feedback from your tutors is a really valuable resource for helping you develop, taking the comments on board can improve your mark next time you submit an assignment.

#SalfordSmart this week looks at why feedback is so useful, what your tutor’s purpose for giving you feedback is and how you can use your feedback to develop a plan for improving your marks next time. read more

Week 7 #SalfordSmart – Getting ready to submit your assignment

6 November 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

This week we are going to show you how to:

  • Proofread your work
  • Submit a draft of your work to check its originality
  • How to use the Turnitin originality report to check that your work has been correctly cited and referenced.
  • Submit your work for marking

Proofreading and submitting your work for marking

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Week 6 #SalfordSmart – Referencing

30 October 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

lightbule idea flashing

Referencing and your essay

You may have heard lots of mention of making sure you reference your essay or assignment.

If you aren’t sure exactly what this means or how to reference then #SalfordSmart this week is just for you.

This week #SalfordSmart focuses on referencing by looking at these four questions:

1. What is referencing?

2. Why do you need to reference?

3. How do you write a reference in your assignment?

4. How do you check your work to make sure you haven’t accidentally plagiarised? read more

Week 5 #SalfordSmart – Writing your essay

23 October 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

Kermit the frog frantically typing on a typewriter

Getting your essay done

This week is all about getting your essay written.

It’s recommend to take around a week to write your first draft, follow the tutorial in#SalfordSmart this week will help you get your’s done.

Great essays are written critically rather than descriptively, if you would like to know more about how to be critical in your own writing to boost your marks, check out #SalfordSmart now to find out how:

Access week 5 #SalfordSmart Here read more

Week 4 #SalfordSmart – Getting on with your assignments

16 October 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

#SalfordSmart can help you avoid a last minute assignment rush

Last week #SalfordSmart looked at the 6 steps to writing your assignments, working through step 1 to analyse and plan what you need to do.

Starting on these steps helps avoid a last minute rush to complete an assignment. If you missed it, you can read all about it here.

This week the assessment process moves on to Step 2 – looking at finding information you could use to support the ideas you discuss in your essays or assignments. read more

Week 3 #SalfordSmart – 3 strategies for managing your workload

9 October 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

Cartoon image of individual reading

Sound familiar? #SalfordSmart this week looks at strategies to help you plan and focus your work

As week three starts, your work load may be starting to increase as the amount of class preparation and follow up reading grows and the first assessments and essays start to loom.

#SalfordSmart this week looks at 3 strategies to help you manage your work load including:

1. Planning your assignments and managing your time so that you don’t have a last minute rush
2. Effective reading strategies to help you retain the information you read
3. Ideas for how you can live well to help you learn, reduce stress and improve your well-being read more