Finding a book on the library shelves

By Sep.30, 2015

The Clifford Whitworth Library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round and houses all of our physical library books.

To find out what textbooks we have on a subject, or to find the specific location of a particular book you first need to search SOLAR. You can get to SOLAR from a link on the Student Channel, via the iSalford App or through the Resources page on the library website.

Select the Book & More option in the SOLAR search box and type in your search.


If you know the name of the book you want you can search for it, otherwise search for your topic area to see what books are available on a subject.


When the results appear look for the item you want to find out where in the library it is kept:



The record will show that the item is “Available at Clifford Whitworth” and give a code in brackets: “(598.4)”

That code is the class number and shows exactly where on the shelves you can find your book. You can learn more about the classification system from this brief video.

Make a note of the title of the book and the full class number. You are now ready to find your book on the shelves.

To find out more about locating a book on the shelf you can watch our video guide



…and if you find

“Seabirds : an identification guide”

then you might be able to find out the name of this little bird…









(photo courtesy of

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