Microsoft Office Exam could see you win $7,000 in New York

By Nov.05, 2018

You could win $7000 at the MOS World Championships in New York

Test your skills in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, by sitting a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam with The Library, and put yourself in with the chance to win $7000 at the Microsoft Office World Championships in New York.

Passing one of our free exams – which would cost you around £90 each in the commercial sector – will automatically enter you into the MOS Four Nations Championship in London. From there, you’d need to win the Word, Excel or PowerPoint category to make it to New York.


Whether you make the grade for New York or not, the certificate you gain with your exam pass is well worth taking regardless as it proves to employers that you have the skills they’re after.

Find out more about the free online training and how to sign up at Get Qualified. We also have introductory MOS workshops that you can book on to. Find out more about the MOS programme.

Best of luck!


*Candidates for the MOS World Champions in New York must be between the ages of 13 and 22 (as of June 15, 2019).

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