Need maps? Check out Digimap!

By Aug.03, 2018

Tracy Breheny

Tracy talks about Digimap and all of the different types of maps you can access.

The Library has access to a collection of databases provided by Digimap.  These contain a variety of different maps which you can access using Library Search.  Our subscriptions include access to various different types of maps, scans, satellite images and land coverage information, and  can all be accessed online.

We currently subscribe to the following Digimap collections, accessible via Library Search:

Digimap Environment

Digimap Environment provides access to Land Cover Map data from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. This is a parcel-based classification of UK land cover derived from satellite images and digital cartography and gives land cover information for the entire UK. Land cover is based on UK Biodiversity Action Plan Broad Habitats.

Help using it can be found here.

Digimap Ordnance Survey

This collection includes a variety of Ordnance Survey maps and licenced data.

Help using it can be found here.

Digimap Historic

Historic Digimap provides access to the valuable historic Ordnance Survey map collection online. The maps included are digital scans of Ordnance Survey paper map sheets.

The historic maps can be viewed online, printed and downloaded as images for use in image processing and GIS software.

Help using it can be found here.

Want further information?

A full suite of help resources can be found at the Digimap Resource Centre.

There is a Digimap YouTube channel which contains lots of videos on using various components of the resource.

Digimap also has a blog which can be useful for keeping up-to-date with Digimap developments and new content.

To access the databases, search for ‘Digimap’ in Library Search.

If you need help using Digimap, ask your Academic Support Team.

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