O Reference, reference, wherefore art thou, reference?

By Feb.12, 2018

In honour of both our plagiarism week, and Valentine’s day, Romeo soliloquises on the subjects of loving good academic practice, referencing and avoiding plagiarism…

Picture or romeo and juliet


ROMEO: But soft! What quote through yonder sentence breaks?

It is the best, and the essay is done.

Arise, assignment two is begun, too late,

I am already sick and pale with grief

That such books unread mar more clear design.

Be not a reader, since time is grievous.

Internet cut and paste is both slick and clean,

And none but fools do shun it. Print it off.

It makes my essay; O, it is not my work!

O that my tutor knows not what it is!

I quote, yet I cite nothing! What of that?

The question vexes me; this will answer it.

I am too bold; Turnitin to my tutor speaks.

Two of the largest paragraphs in all the work

Highlighting cheating, do entreat her eyes

To Google the sentence and hit return.

What if the work is there, not from my head?

The brightness of my cheek shows shame those words

As my own are stamped; my lies of citation

Through my essay be so clearly not right

That I should sing apology and be contrite.

See how my mark is made nought by her hand!

O that I could reverse and stay that hand,

That I should do the work aright!

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