Need to get some reading done? Here are Ella’s 5 favourite places to read on campus.

By Oct.09, 2017

Another academic year is upon us which many will see as a fresh start. You may be just beginning your degree; or you may see this year as an opportunity to change last year’s habits. One thing we all have in common is we have new reading lists this year! If you are new to University of Salford, you may want to see the previous post Reading Lists and How To Use Them. To mark the occasion, I’ve toured my camera around campus to show you what are, in my opinion, the top 5 reading locations on campus.

#1 Clifforth Whitworth’s 2nd Floor “Deck Chair Bay”

This was a very easy choice. My favourite place to read is in this quiet, scenic spot overlooking Peel Park campus. Not only is there easy access to any library book you require, but you can ponder away while overlooking the hustle and bustle of student life.

#2 Peel Park Campus

If it’s a nice enough day, take advantage of the seating areas and green space situated between the New Adelphi, Chapman, and Clifford Whitworth Library buildings. Marvel at the giant Friedrich Engels head as you tuck into your course material. Who knows, maybe with that knowledge someone will build a giant sculpture of your head someday.

#3 Chapman Lounge

Chapman Lounge offers all the scenery of Clifford Whitworth and Peel Park’s green space, but with more space to collaborate. The small but mighty Chapman Lounge is a great place to meet a friend or get a group of classmates together to power through some work.

#4 B-Hive – Allerton Building

If you find yourself on Frederick Road Campus you can’t miss the B-Hive in the Allerton Building. It offers a ton of comfy sofas to unwind, as well as some couches for collaborating. And it’s always fun to take a peek in their Donation/Swap Library. You can pick up a new novel for a bit of light reading and donate a book you think someone else might like.

#5 Blue Peter Park – MediaCity

University of Salford is lucky to share its MediaCity campus with the likes of ITV, BBC, and many other young creative companies and institutions. If you’re there, take a stroll through the Blue Peter park or stay dry in one of its many cafes or the University of Salford Building. Be sure to look up once and awhile – you never know which TV personality may be walking right past you!

Now it’s your turn

Go forth and venture into the many beautiful reading spaces the University of Salford has to offer. Maybe your new favourite spot to read is yet to be discovered. Good luck finding it and Happy Reading!

If you find any good ones share them on the #SalfordSmart Discussion board!

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