Referencing Lessons #studentdiaries

By Nov.29, 2016

This week friends I have learned a painful but valuable lesson

When working on an essay or assignment and you find a piece of research, a useful book or anything that you might want to talk about in your assignment, for the love of all that is great and good write down the source and reference details as soon as you find it.

I’ve been going through my (almost) completed assignment putting the references in order but I can’t actually find the citations for my references, or in fact any proof that they exist. To say that my head is exploding right now is an understatement.  I spoke to a couple of friends about my plight at uni and they suggested that I use Ref Me which I understand is a handy little app that keeps all of your references together and then magically produces a full list of references that you can add into your work – what kind of magic is this?  And how am I only just finding out about it?

Heed my advice, don’t be a dope like me

I need to have a tinker with this and see how it works for me but the critical thing is to heed my advice, don’t be a dope like me and waste inordinate amounts of time when it would have been so much simpler to just write them down when doing your assignment planning.

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