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Tracy Breheny

Hello, I’m Tracy Breheny, the Academic Support Librarian for the School of the Built Environment.

If you need to find information for your assignment or research, but don’t know where to start then this page is for you!   You will find lots of information on here to get you started.  You can also check out our Skills for Learning page, which has lots of useful library, study skills and digital skills information on there: http://www.salford.ac.uk/skills-for-learning

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Can’t find the answer to your question? Need more help?  Need this information in a different format?  Contact me:

Email: t.m.breheny@salford.ac.uk
Phone: 0161 295 6678121

The links below aim to help you find and use the Library resources you will need for your studies. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see added to this page.

If Skills for Learning doesn’t give you the answer you need, I am available for face-to-face and online one-to-one appointments.  If you can’t make any of the available appointments, please email me.


New StudGet Going imageent?

New to University?  Check out Get Going to get you started!

Get Going is Salford’s online introduction to studying at University. Through videos, interactive content and quizzes, this online programme will help you to get started and understand the step up to university study.

As a new student, there is lots of help available to get you started.  Check out our top 10 checklist for new students!



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Useful information from Skills for Learning

Skills for Learning contains a variety of resources that can help you with your studies, from help on referencing, to finding and using information.  I have indentified a few of the key pieces of information you may find useful below.  Don’t forget, there are lots more helpful resources which can all be accessed from the Skills for Learning website.If you have any questions on anything below, or you would like further help on one of the topics listed, please get in touch with me.



Exam support

We have tips and advice on exam techniques here and you can take a look at our top 5 tips for exam success.  Find out how to look for past exam papers here.


Turnitin and eSubmission

Turnitin is software we use here to submit your work.  It can also help you check your work for plagiarism before you submit.  Find out more on our webpages.



Want to learn more about referencing, plagiarism and avoiding mistakes?

We have lots of help on identifying what plagiarism is and tips on how to avoid it here.  Find out what the 7 study mistakes that too many students make so you can find out how to avoid them!

Need help with referencing?  Or not sure how to reference?  Take a look at the help available below.  Please note:  All students use APA 6th (Harvard) style unless otherwise stated.  OSCOLA should only be used by Law/Construction Law students.  


 APA 6th (Harvard) Referencing

 OSCOLA Referencing (for Construction Law Students only)


Want to find out about EndNote?

EndNote is software that can help with your referencing.

Find out more about it here.




Find out even more!


There are a number of library skills, study skills and digital skills-based workshops which run throughout the year.  You can take a look at what workshops are running and book yourself on.



Study guide

There are a number of helpful study guides you can read, ranging from refencing using APA 6th (Harvard), writing reflectively, undertaking crittical analysis of journal articles and reviewing literature.




You can complete one of our eLearning packages in your own time to get your skills up-to-date.  We have eLearning on a range of skills, including recognising plagiarism, planning your search, assessing your existing skills and using social media tools for learning.



Meet your Library Champion!

The School of the Built Environment has a designated Library Champion who you will be able to if contact if you want to recommend books/electronic books that you think the Library should add to stock.  There is £5,000 held for the School of the Built Environment which can be used for books requested through this scheme. Your Library Champion is also a person you can raise any library-related issues with and make suggestions for improvements or new services.

Last year, Built Environment students requested £4243.83 worth of new books through their Library Champion for the Library.  It is a way of you being able to influence the stock we get in, so please do get in touch with your Library Champion if you have any questions, if you would like to offer any suggestions or feedback or if you would like to suggest titles for us to order. This can be used for new items and extra copies of existing items and reading list items too.  To find out more about the Library Champion Scheme, take a look at our website here: http://www.salford.ac.uk/library/help/library-champions.


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You can keep up-to-date with new resources, new services and general library information by taking a look at the Built Environment library newsletter.  This comes out every couple months and contains lots of useful information.  You will find it alongside lots of other useful information under The Library tab in the Built Environment Student Space area on Blackboard (under ‘My Courses’).  Take a look!


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