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Tackle common writing problems with Wordscope

28 September 2017
Amy Pearson

Need help with your academic writing? Let me introduce you to Wordscope.

Wordscope is a proven programme of tuition for helping you tackle common writing problems such as punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraphing. It is delivered through a series of ten writing workshops and is FREE to all University of Salford students.

Here’s what one student said about Wordscope last year.

“I cannot recommend Wordscope enough. I struggled for the first three or four weeks. My writing style then started to change and improve. The amount of red pen on my homework pieces (one piece of homework per week taking up to 45 minutes) has decreased, although, I still tend to make errors here and there. I think I might redo this course again either next semester or at a later date to remedy this. Each of the lectures has a handy guide for each lesson which could be useful for many years to come.” read more