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Want books in the library? Ask your Library Champion!

13 January 2020
Tracy Breheny

Tracy tells you how to make the most from the Library Champion Scheme.

Are there new books, electronic books or DVDs you would like to see in the library?

Do you think there are titles we need more copies of?

If so, you can request books through your Library Champion!

Each school has a pot of £5,000 allocated for book requests and a designated Library Champion who can be contacted when you would like to request books for the library.

Find out more about the scheme from two of our Library Champions:

You will need to include details about the items you would like us to order, including: read more

Getting through a boring book…

17 November 2017

Hope is one of our English students. She is blogging about reading boring books!

Reading is great…mostly, and if you’re on an English based course like I am, you’ll know that reading is not so much a fun, leisurely pastime as it is a necessity. I don’t know much about other courses reading requirements, but what I do know is that at one point or another, we all have to read a pretty boring book…or two…three…ten?

The problem here is, that when you read for fun, if the book doesn’t grab your attention straight away, or a couple of chapters in you just cannot for the life of you get into it, you can simply put it down and pick up the next on your list of want-to-reads. When you’re required to read for a course, however, it’s not that easy (unfortunately). read more

Find library resources more easily using ‘Locate’!

30 January 2017
Tracy Breheny

Tracy shows you how to use ‘Locate’.

Overwhelmed by the number of resources in the library?  Lost amongst the shelving with no idea which direction to go in?  Not sure where to find a book you need?  You can find out exactly where a book is located in the Library using our ‘Locate’ tab.

The ‘Locate’ tab is available for all resources you find in Library Search, and it makes locating books you need much easier.

To use the ‘Locate’ tab:

1. First of all, look for the book you want in Library Search.

2. When you find the book you want, you’ll see a blue ‘Locate’ button below the title.  Click this. read more

New Computer & Video Games book display at MCUK

16 February 2016

CVG book display

As in all subject areas, we’re buying new Library books and other materials for Computer & Video Games throughout the year. We now have a display of recently purchased CVG books at the entrance to the Library at Media City UK – please borrow any books on the display that you want to take!

Arts & Media student? Struggling? You need your Library Champions!

2 December 2015


Your Library Champions are Arts & Media students who work closely with your Academic Support Librarian to represent you. They can order library books for you, raise problems you might be having with the Library, take forward suggestions you think of for improving and developing library services, and make sure you know about new Library services and developments.

Contact your Library Champions:

Jasmine Pokuaa

Anna Makepeace


Want a book, but it’s not at the University of Salford Library?

11 November 2015

You want it, we'll get it

If you want a particular book, but we don’t have it in stock at all at any of the University’s libraries, it doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Try our You Want It, We’ll Get It service – fill in the short e-form at . In most cases we’ll buy the book for the Library, and you’ll be notified when the book is ready – no cost to you personally! You can also find the link on the Library webpage.

Requesting a book – reminder

2 November 2015

Just a quick reminder that we have an Inter-Site Loans service, so you can request a book from another University of Salford site to save yourself a journey.

Just Sign In to SOLAR (top right corner of the screen), do your search, click on Get It for the required book, choose Request and the site you want it sent to. Turnaround time is about 2 working days, and you can pick the book up from the Reservation Shelf at your “home” Library.

You can also use the same method to request a book when all copies are on loan. This may take a bit longer as students are given 5 days to return a requested book.Inter Site Loans

Finding a book on the library shelves

30 September 2015

The Clifford Whitworth Library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round and houses all of our physical library books.

To find out what textbooks we have on a subject, or to find the specific location of a particular book you first need to search SOLAR. You can get to SOLAR from a link on the Student Channel, via the iSalford App or through the Resources page on the library website.

Select the Book & More option in the SOLAR search box and type in your search.


If you know the name of the book you want you can search for it, otherwise search for your topic area to see what books are available on a subject.


When the results appear look for the item you want to find out where in the library it is kept:



The record will show that the item is “Available at Clifford Whitworth” and give a code in brackets: “(598.4)”

That code is the class number and shows exactly where on the shelves you can find your book. You can learn more about the classification system from this brief video.

Make a note of the title of the book and the full class number. You are now ready to find your book on the shelves.

To find out more about locating a book on the shelf you can watch our video guide



…and if you find

“Seabirds : an identification guide”

then you might be able to find out the name of this little bird…









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