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Finding pictures the legal way (1/3)

21 June 2017

When you’re looking for pictures to illustrate or enhance your academic work, how do you search? Do you ‘copy and paste’ from the internet, as a student recently told me? Or simply type your search term in that old reliable, Google?

Unless you’re careful, searching like this can contravene copyright law and potentially get you into legal trouble. Whenever you find an image through a regular Google search, there’s a good chance that it either:

  • has a license which forbids you to use it, or
  • has no license at all

Assuming that you didn’t ask for prior permission to use the content, it’s illegal to use it if either of these two cases applies. read more

Shared data – how secure is yours?

4 August 2014

Social media is a great way of staying in touch with friends and interests but keeping track of multiple accounts and making sure your shared data is secure can be time consuming and overwhelming. There are some simple, quick things you can do to improve the security of your shared data. The Guardian have suggested 29 tips for taking control of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. So have a read, make a few simple changes, get out there and stay safe! read more

Linking Google Scholar to find full-text articles off-campus

24 June 2014

Google Scholar allows you to search across scholarly literature indexed by Google. Links to the Find It menu are available to help you access the resources in the Google Scholar results.
To access Google Scholar, go to

Using Google Scholar off campus
If you are using Google Scholar off campus you will need to configure Google Scholar preferences to display the Find It @ Salford links.

To do this:
• Go to Google Scholar
• Click on the Settings link
• Click on Library Links
• Search for ‘Salford’
• Check the box next to ‘University of Salford – Find It @ Salford’
• Click on ‘Save’ read more

Google’s hidden depths: getting the most out of Google

21 May 2014

Did you know Google Advanced Search allows you to refine and narrow your search?

Here are a few quick tips to get the most out of Google.

To access the Advanced Search you can go to:

You will be presented with this search screen:

Google 1

The “all of these words” box is the default searching option and is very similar to the normal Google search. Google will search for all of these words appearing anywhere in the document, not necessarily together. This search will often bring back a very large number of results. read more