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How to access internal web pages from home

18 September 2014

Certain resources on the University website – such as past exam papers – are held on internal web pages, which cannot immediately be seen from computers that aren’t on the University’s network. However, if you need to view these resources while you’re at home, you will need to set up proxy access. This authenticates you as a valid user. Here’s how to do it:

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How to scan documents and email them

17 September 2014

As well as printing and photocopying, you can also scan documents and email them to yourself on the amazing multifunctional devices around the Library and elsewhere in the University.

Here’s how:
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How to photocopy

16 September 2014

Here at the University of Salford, we have multi functional devices which print, photocopy and scan. Here’s how to use them to make a photocopy:

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How to change your network password

15 September 2014

At some point, you’ll probably want to change your network password, either to make it more memorable for yourself or for security reasons.

Here’s how:

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How to sync your Uni email to your phone

11 September 2014

Your University of Salford email is your official email account which we will use to communicate important information with you. Make sure you keep up to date by getting your emails on your mobile phone.

Here’s how to sync your University email to your mobile phone:

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What’s an F: drive anyway?

10 September 2014

Here’s a perk: all students at the University of Salford get 1GB free and secure storage – otherwise known as your F: drive. You can access it from any networked PC around the University, and also from home – from anywhere in the world in fact, as long as you have reasonable internet connection.
Here’s how to access your personal F:drive on or off campus:

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Need more help? Check out this handy helpsheet from IT services. This IT Services page contains lots more useful information the F: drive. read more