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New to Salford? You are not alone! #studentdiaries

30 January 2017

Our team of fab student bloggers have been writing about their experience of studying at Uni and sharing some really good reflections about being a new student.

Anne – studying Occupational Therapy

Meet Anne. She has become an ‘expert juggler’ since starting her Occupational Therapy course in September. She has been blogging about setting up her ‘occupation station’, having 3rd week wobbles, building professional relationships by car sharing and a few referencing lessons have been learnt! All of Anne’s posts can be read here. read more

Communicate. It’s good to talk.

17 January 2017


Welcome to day 2 of national Bring Your Own Device for Learning week. Here at Salford we’re offering students and staff the chance to participate in a free, online course to learn about how to get the most out of your mobile device, backed up with activities on campus. There’s no need to book, just follow the link below.

Day two

Today’s theme is communicating – in particular, we’re looking at how we can find opportunities to stimulate discussion and encourage active engagement in your teaching/learning/research. Feel free to join us in Newton, room 240 from, 14:00 to 15:00 read more

Bring Your Own Device for Learning

13 January 2017


Want to get more out of your mobile technology? Perhaps you got a shiny new device for Christmas but aren’t sure how to use it? Or maybe you’d like to use it better in your studies or teaching?

Next week is national Bring Your Own Device for Learning Week and here at Salford we are offering a short online course to help you make the most of your mobile device. Starting on 16 January 2017, this short course looks at how you can make the most of your smart phone, tablet or laptop. The course, for all students and staff, runs for 5 consecutive days with opportunities to engage as much or as little as you are able to, both within the University and the wider community.  The topics for each day are: read more

Bring Your Own Device for Learning (BYOD4L)

8 January 2016
Are you feeling like you’re not getting the most out of your mobile technology?

Getting a shiny new device for Christmas or have one lying around?

Do you want some help with how to use it in your studies?

help waving

Then Bring Your Own Device for Learning (BYOD4L) week may be for you!

Starting on 11th January 2016 (for 5 days), this short course looks at how you can make the most of your smart device (tablet/phone/laptop) through short 10 minute activities and additional resources. The course will enable you to connect with peers and learn within a wider community.

There is no requirement to join in every activity, the decision of how much time you wish to spend on this is entirely up to you. During the week there will be activities and a competition around the University so keep your eyes and ears open! read more

How to access internal web pages from home

18 September 2014

Certain resources on the University website – such as past exam papers – are held on internal web pages, which cannot immediately be seen from computers that aren’t on the University’s network. However, if you need to view these resources while you’re at home, you will need to set up proxy access. This authenticates you as a valid user. Here’s how to do it:

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How to scan documents and email them

17 September 2014

As well as printing and photocopying, you can also scan documents and email them to yourself on the amazing multifunctional devices around the Library and elsewhere in the University.

Here’s how:
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How to photocopy

16 September 2014

Here at the University of Salford, we have multi functional devices which print, photocopy and scan. Here’s how to use them to make a photocopy:

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How to change your network password

15 September 2014

At some point, you’ll probably want to change your network password, either to make it more memorable for yourself or for security reasons.

Here’s how:

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How to forward your University email

12 September 2014

Learning how to forward your emails is a trick that can really help you manage your time. Your University email account is the place the University will send you all sorts of important messages. To make your life easier, you can forward these messages to another email account. And never miss an overdue library book reminder again!

Here’s how:

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How to sync your Uni email to your phone

11 September 2014

Your University of Salford email is your official email account which we will use to communicate important information with you. Make sure you keep up to date by getting your emails on your mobile phone.

Here’s how to sync your University email to your mobile phone:

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