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Art and Architecture Archive – great new online resource!

25 July 2017

We’re very pleased to announce that you now have access to a brilliant new resource for art, architecture and all design subjects. Art and Architecture Archive consists of scanned articles from journals, so it is great for full colour illustrations as well as full text. It covers the years 1895-2005, a much longer historical period than our other journal resources for this subject area. It is potentially very useful for visual arts, art history, architecture, graphic design, interior design, photography and many other subjects. read more

What are Legal Journal Articles and How Do I Find Them?

17 May 2016

What are journal articles?


The Library subscribe to Westlaw UK so you can access it whenever and wherever you are to do your legal case research. You need to access Westlaw by searching for ‘Westlaw UK’ in Library Search. Enter your network username and password to get access to Westlaw UK.

Click image to access Salford's Library Search and find Westlaw UK.

Click image to access Salford’s Library Search and find Westlaw UK. read more