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Criminal Justice Research

17 October 2018

Researching Criminal Justice

Image of the front page of the criminal justice sway

Use this guide for top research and OSCOLA tips.

This short guide will show you key resources to research for your criminal justice module. There are also search tips and ideas for how to reduce your assessment’s word count by using some OSCOLA short hand techniques.

You can access the guide by clicking on the image or by using this link: 

Legal research beyond Westlaw UK

2 May 2018

Discover more legal information by taking your law research beyond Westlaw UK

Westlaw is a fantastic law resource for finding cases, legislation, journal articles, background information to law and the latest developments in the legal field.

You may however want to expand your legal research to use other resources as you move through your studies to discover more legal sources, Government information and international materials.

To find out out more, check out the online guide by clicking the image below or clicking this link:

Image of legal research tutorial beyond westlaw read more

Do you need to find information on law subject but not sure where to start?

17 April 2018

Use Westlaw Insight to start your legal research

Westlaw Insight is available online and is a small part of a large online legal information service called Westlaw UK. It gives you an overview of an area of law, as well as giving you the names of important legal cases and relevant legislation for the topic you are investigating. It is written by legal experts who explain legal subjects.

Westlaw UK is available online however it isn’t freely available via Google. To use Westlaw Insight, you need to log into Westlaw UK via the University of Salford’s Library Search. read more

Finding EU Law

30 January 2018

How to find EU legal materials

Image of first page of tutorial

This short guide shows you how to find the EU legal materials you need

This short guide will show you how to use Westlaw, LexisLibrary or the EUR-Lex website to find the EU legal materials you need for module work or your assignments.

Click on the image above, or use the link, to access the guide.

Studying law at Salford?

8 February 2017
Nicola Sales

Nicola Sales, Academic Support Librarian for Law

If you are studying law at Salford then you may have a few questions about how to go about finding legal information resources for your studies, assignments or dissertation.

I look at answering some of them in this blog post, if your query isn’t covered here please get in touch with me at

There are four main types of information resources that you will need to consult during your programme. These are:

  • Books or eBooks
  • Legal case materials
  • Legislation (such as Acts of Parliament)
  • Legal Journal articles

See the boxes below for discovering how you would find these four main types of legal information resources. read more

Finding international legal materials

8 July 2016

The Library has the database for you. LexisLibrary provides access to UK case law, legislation and journal articles but it also has a large international law section where you can search for legal information by country. There is a large US collection as well as information from other jurisdictions.

This useful guide from LexisLibrary shows you how: International Sources Guide LexisLibrary

You can access LexisLibrary via Library Search , search for LexisLibrary and click ‘view online’. You will need your network username and password to use LexisLibrary. read more

What are Legal Journal Articles and How Do I Find Them?

17 May 2016

Legal Journal Articles

What are journal articles?

Legal journal article examples

An example of a Legal Journal Title. A weekly magazine covering reports on the legal profession

Journal articles are really useful when you are studying as they are short pieces of text covering very focused topics.

They are the same as magazines that you may read in your leisure time however they contain academic articles about topics in your subject area rather then fashion pieces, television reviews or recipes.

The benefits of using journal articles that you find via the Library Search system is that you can guarantee that they are written by experts.

In law this may be legal academics, judges, solicitors, barristers and leading legal commentators. read more

What is Legislation and How Do I Find It?

17 May 2016

What is legislation?

There is video here that shows you all about UK legislation:

Find UK legislation information using a database called Westlaw UK.

The Library subscribe to Westlaw UK so you can access legislation information whenever and wherever you are to do your legal research. You need to access Westlaw by searching for ‘Westlaw UK’ in Library Search. Enter your network username and password to get access to Westlaw UK.

Click on the image to access the video. Select ‘Episode 4’ from content list.

Click on the image to access the video. Select ‘Episode 4’ from content list.

Only got 2 minutes? This quick video will show you how to get started searching for Legislation using Westlaw UK read more

Find Legal Cases and Law Reports

17 May 2016

Legal Citations and Abbreviations: Confusing or What!

17 May 2016
click image to access legal abbreviations tutorial

click image to access legal abbreviations tutorial