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Year one (almost) completed! #StudentDiaries #SalfordSmart

24 May 2017

Anne share the ups and downs of her first year at Uni

So as I sit here this morning, working on one of my final first year assignments I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed. From the giddy excitement of last September where I skipped into uni with my new backpack and pencils, keen to make new friends to cold and wet December feeling frazzled and overwhelmed and then into Spring feeling inspired and reinvigorated following an amazing first placement.

I’ve been frustrated when the shop increased the price of a Freddo from 25p to 30p (I remember when they were 10p!) read more

Time is flying by and I have learned some study key lessons!! #studentdiaries

23 March 2017

Anne shares her key study lessons and her experience of going out on placement.

I cannot believe that it is nearly the end of March and my time as a first year undergraduate student is coming to an end. The time from January onwards has gone so fast that I’m not sure where to start…

I have carefully read the feedback given to me so that I can learn from it

I received my assignment and exam results which was quite a stressful time. It was quite disheartening when I didn’t get the marks I wanted on certain submissions, especially when I felt that I had worked so hard on them. This of course is just how it goes and I have carefully read the feedback given to me so that I can learn from it and ensure that I don’t repeat the same mistakes again. read more

Referencing Lessons #studentdiaries

29 November 2016

This week friends I have learned a painful but valuable lesson

When working on an essay or assignment and you find a piece of research, a useful book or anything that you might want to talk about in your assignment, for the love of all that is great and good write down the source and reference details as soon as you find it.

I’ve been going through my (almost) completed assignment putting the references in order but I can’t actually find the citations for my references, or in fact any proof that they exist. To say that my head is exploding right now is an understatement.  I spoke to a couple of friends about my plight at uni and they suggested that I use Ref Me which I understand is a handy little app that keeps all of your references together and then magically produces a full list of references that you can add into your work – what kind of magic is this?  And how am I only just finding out about it? read more

The 7.45 from Middleton to Salford #studentdiaries

14 November 2016

Janine and Anne looking very cheerful at 7.45am!

Car sharing is a great opportunity to share experiences

Every Monday morning at 7.45am my friend Janine picks me up and we car share into uni. This is an event that I look forward to every week, not only because my friend Janine is hilariously funny and makes the commute bearable but it is also a good opportunity for us to share our experiences of uni life. She is studying Podiatry and one thing we have agreed on is that her course is very biologically based whereas my course is more theory based.

She has already done an OSCE test to allow her to start clinical placements and is now in a position to work (with supervision) on the feet of Mancunians, I’ve just completed a manual handling course ready for my clinical placement in February. I seem to spend a lot of my time reading books and journals to put the models of OT into context, whereas Janine is reading biology and anatomy books to learn the various parts of the body. read more

Learning to be an expert juggler! #studentdiaries

7 November 2016

Lightening fast pace

Before you ask, no I’m not about to leave uni and start at the circus.  I’m talking about becoming a metaphorical expert juggler because that is in essence what I am trying to do at the moment.

On my course we are studying 3 modules concurrently, this equates to 3 different assignments and exams for these modules, all due in December.  I thought to myself the other day that its so far removed from college when whilst I was still doing 3 different modules, the time spent on each module was so much longer and the content really stretched out.  So for example, you might actually spend 6 weeks covering the same topic – what a luxury because now I come in on Monday and learn one topic and by the following Monday, we’re on to the next completely different topic.  The pace is lightening fast and I feel like I’m constantly juggling all of the topics! read more

3rd week wobbles! #studentdiaries

11 October 2016

So last week I doubted myself as to why I was here.

Fuelled by a couple of nights of poor sleep due to “Freshers Flu” (a real ailment I’m told even though I didn’t actually participate in Fresher week), I had a ropey lesson where I felt I didn’t have the knowledge or skillset required to do my degree and I started to stress that maybe I wasn’t cut out to be an Occupational Therapist.

When I looked around at my classmates, I found that some already have a wealth of experience in Health Care, they already know a lot of terminology and some of them are already working in an Occupational Therapy setting and here’s me straight from an Access course with my only experience of Health Care being a short spell in hospital to deliver my children and when I broke my wrist at 7 and half years old. read more

Who am I?

16 September 2016

anneIntroduction to our first student blogger!

My name is Anne and I’m a 38 year old wife and mother and a full-time mature student about to embark on a degree in Occupational Therapy.

“I felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions but with no clear direction of my own.”

I actually questioned who I was 2 years ago now, when I was sat at my desk at work whilst eating a soggy sandwich over my computer with barely even enough time to go to the loo.  I felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions but with no clear direction of my own.  It was this question that made me change my life, leave my job and become a full-time student. read more