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8 November 2017
Image of front screen of OSCOLA FAQ presentation

Have you got questions about OSCOLA? Check the FAQs, it may have the answer

Have you got questions about OSCOLA referencing?

You may find the answer in the OSCOLA FAQs, click on the image to find out.

If your OSCOLA referencing question isn’t answered, check out the OSCOLA web guide at: Skills for Learning OSCOLA Referencing (select the OSCOLA tab).

Week 6 #SalfordSmart – Referencing

30 October 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

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Referencing and your essay

You may have heard lots of mention of making sure you reference your essay or assignment.

If you aren’t sure exactly what this means or how to reference then #SalfordSmart this week is just for you.

This week #SalfordSmart focuses on referencing by looking at these four questions:

1. What is referencing?

2. Why do you need to reference?

3. How do you write a reference in your assignment?

4. How do you check your work to make sure you haven’t accidentally plagiarised? read more

OSCOLA Referencing: A very quick guide

17 May 2016

What is OSCOLA?

OSCOLA is used by law students studying for a law degree with Salford Law, Salford Business School. All other subjects use Harvard Referencing APA 6th.

Adding a footnote to your Word document

How to Reference Common Resources using OSCOLA


  • Titles of books should be italicized
  • In footnotes, the author’s first name or initial(s) precedes their surname.
  • In bibliographies, the surname comes first, followed by the initial(s), then a comma.

To write a reference for a book you will need the following information:

  • Author of the book
  • Book title
  • Book edition
  • Publisher
  • Year of publication (often found on the reverse of the title page)

Book references will need to be written in the following way:

Author, title of book (edition publisher year)

 Timothy Endicott, Administrative Law (OUP 2009)

Gareth Jones, Goff and Jones: The Law of Restitution (7th ed Sweet & Maxwell 2009)

For a footnote if you are quoting or paraphrasing from a specific page, the page number must be inserted at the end. You do not need to write p, pp or page. read more