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Learning to be an expert juggler! #studentdiaries

7 November 2016

Lightening fast pace

Before you ask, no I’m not about to leave uni and start at the circus.  I’m talking about becoming a metaphorical expert juggler because that is in essence what I am trying to do at the moment.

On my course we are studying 3 modules concurrently, this equates to 3 different assignments and exams for these modules, all due in December.  I thought to myself the other day that its so far removed from college when whilst I was still doing 3 different modules, the time spent on each module was so much longer and the content really stretched out.  So for example, you might actually spend 6 weeks covering the same topic – what a luxury because now I come in on Monday and learn one topic and by the following Monday, we’re on to the next completely different topic.  The pace is lightening fast and I feel like I’m constantly juggling all of the topics!

Read, read and re-read!

This means that the onus is on me to make sure I read, read and re-read all of the content that has been delivered to ensure that I understand it.  It’s hard, it’s mentally taxing and I sometimes wonder how I’m going to keep all of this newly learnt information in my cranium (someone’s been learning biology, can you tell??).  I’m still finding my way with navigating through all of this information and after talking with my peers I’m not alone in my thinking.  I did get the opportunity to speak to a 2nd year OT student who was great and reassured me that all of this theory really comes to life when I go on placement in February and from then on it will all make sense – I can only hope she’s right!

For now, I’m going to continue with my reading.  I’m going to keep on top of the learning material that my tutors make available and whilst I don’t pretend to understand it, I’m trying to make sense of it.