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Nursing 100: 10 Nursing Blogs

12 May 2016

2016 is the Centenary of the Royal College of Nursing and to mark a 100 years since its founding, we’ve created a ‘Nursing 100’ – 100 tips, topics and resources useful for student nurses.

To kick off, we’re celebrating International Nurses’ Day 2016 with the voices of nurses themselves – 10 blogs by Nurses and Nursing Students.

Nursing bloggers can be valuable sources of information –  their thoughts on key issues can help you understand your profession or be a source of advice and support.  Reading about the experiences of other student nurses can offer reassurance that you’re not the only one dreading your upcoming placement. read more

Going viral: the power of a tweet

29 July 2014

What do you like to share on social media? Here’s a cautionary tale from a former student of the University of Salford, about what happened when a tweet went viral :

article about a tweet that went viral

@baggie_ade on his viral tweet

Story first printed in Prestwich & Whitefield Local, July 2014

Mindblowing social media stats

8 July 2014

Did you know that 2 people sign up for Linked In every second? That 44% of Twitter users have never sent a tweet? Or that 80% of Instagram users are female? Find out how many people are currently using social media, and much more in this awe-inspiring infographic from Digital Insights.

social media 2014
by Digital Insights