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That was an academic year? #studentdiaries

11 May 2017

Dominic Williams
English Literature and Creative Writing student

A sort of bombshell hit me this week, with the realisation that my first year as an undergraduate student is about to end.

It doesn’t seem like two years ago that I first made the decision to start the application process, and now here I am, modules for Year 2 selected, with the emphasis on the creative – my main inspiration and reason for this journey.  Even as I’m typing this, it still hasn’t quite sunk in as to what I have achieved, how far I have come in such a relatively short space of time, time which seems to be flying by at an incredibly fast rate. read more

The last few weeks of 2016 were full on to say the least!! #studentdiaries

6 February 2017

“At times as the pressure was immense”

So its been a while since I wrote a blog… The last few weeks of 2016 were full on to say the least!! I had an exam to do (stress!!!) a case study, academic poster, ICPP assignment and Viva to complete. I didn’t know what to do with myself at times as the pressure was immense. Thank goodness that I had planned my work out and was on top of it, but even that being said I haven’t been as stressed as I was in December for a long time. read more

Exam meltdown #studentdiaries

31 January 2017

Plenty of time to revise

3 weeks off for Xmas and revision. That’s plenty of time to revise I thought. Having put in the effort previously on my essay I just had 2 exams to revise for. The first one was professional studies; a written exam. I hate written exams. I always have. The last written exam I did was my GCSE English 2 years ago. I passed my GCSE English, finally, on my third attempt having failed in school, then walking out of the exam on my second attempt with a feeling of hopelessness and failure. This time it would be different. I am older (I prefer more mature!), more determined, and more prepared. read more

New to Salford? You are not alone! #studentdiaries

30 January 2017

Our team of fab student bloggers have been writing about their experience of studying at Uni and sharing some really good reflections about being a new student.

Anne – studying Occupational Therapy

Meet Anne. She has become an ‘expert juggler’ since starting her Occupational Therapy course in September. She has been blogging about setting up her ‘occupation station’, having 3rd week wobbles, building professional relationships by car sharing and a few referencing lessons have been learnt! All of Anne’s posts can be read here. read more

One Semester Already…? #studentdiaries

15 December 2016

I’m finding myself a little overwhelmed as I start to write this post.  Firstly, I am a little behind due to sickness.  Secondly, given that there are only five days left before we adjourn for the seasonal festivities, there is a general consensus amongst myself and my fellow students, that these last four months seem to have flown by at an alarming rate!  Or, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams “Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so…”

I am in exactly the same position

It is rather perversely amusing to see the varying degrees of panic on students’ faces, as they rush to complete assignments by the various deadlines.  Of course, the amusement quickly fades away as I realise that I am in exactly the same position.  However, I have to recognise that from a certain perspective, the hardest part of my undergraduate journey has already been completed.  In the same sense that the first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have a problem in the first place, then actually attending and completing the first semester, having chosen to go down this higher educational path, is very much that step. read more

6 common doubts and fears BUSTED! #studentdiaries

7 October 2016

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a mature student living in John Lester Court, and I’ve just begun my first year of studying English Literature! A few months ago, it hit me that I was miserable in my job. I wanted more out of life, and I’d always dreamed of studying English Literature. And so, I sold my car, quit my job, and applied for my course through Clearing! It’s easily the bravest and most wonderful decision I’ve ever made for myself, but, like everyone, I still have doubts and fears.

I put in a lot of work to overcome my doubts and start my degree, but these same doubts are still very frightening! University is a huge life change for anyone, and it’s so scary when you first arrive! The campus is huge, the city centre is intimidating, and you have no idea where the shops are! I found myself panicking, thinking “Right, I’m here now …. Now what?”, so I thought I’d write my first blog post on my most common fears, and how being at university actually helped me to overcome them! read more

So it begins…!

29 September 2016

Dave StuartHi my name is Dave and I am 33.  I left the British Army in 2015 to seek new challenges. After much consideration, enrolled on an Access to HE Science course. I am now embarking on Podiatry at University of Salford. I have had a few jokes thrown my way from work colleagues saying that I must be mad to leave a reasonably well paid job within the IT sector to start out on a new career. I too thought the same – I must be mad! However, day 1 of fresher’s week has shown me that there is a vast spectrum of people at university – and I fit in somewhere comfortably in the middle. read more