Time is flying by and I have learned some study key lessons!! #studentdiaries

By Mar.23, 2017

Anne shares her key study lessons and her experience of going out on placement.

I cannot believe that it is nearly the end of March and my time as a first year undergraduate student is coming to an end. The time from January onwards has gone so fast that I’m not sure where to start…

I have carefully read the feedback given to me so that I can learn from it

I received my assignment and exam results which was quite a stressful time. It was quite disheartening when I didn’t get the marks I wanted on certain submissions, especially when I felt that I had worked so hard on them. This of course is just how it goes and I have carefully read the feedback given to me so that I can learn from it and ensure that I don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

The key lessons I have learned are to make sure you proof read your work, ask someone else to read it to make sure that your work is making sense and then proof read it again.  I lost marks by making careless mistakes which was so frustrating.

My other lesson is to not put so much pressure on myself, no one comes to uni as an A grade student (unless you’re a genius!) and its all about the learning curve. Hopefully I can look back on my first and second years’ at the end of my degree and see improvement as I went through my university journey.

Placement month

February was placement month and what an amazing experience it was. Obviously for reasons of patient confidentiality I cannot give specifics of the placement, all I can say is that I was placed in an acute mental health ward in a general hospital. It’s no secret that I was not initially looking forward to it as I felt under prepared and yes I’ll admit it, I was pretty scared of what I was going to encounter but I actually had the most fantastic time.

It was stressful, sometimes upsetting and a bit scary but there were also times that were truly magical, funny and awe inspiring. I was given some brilliant opportunities by my educator to put all of the theory that I’d learned in the previous 12 weeks into practise and it really compounded my original decision to uproot my life and leave my successful job to become an Occupational Therapist. I came away from the placement feeling inspired and motivated and grateful for such an experience.

I’ll be honest, its been a bit of a bind acclimatising myself back into university since placement, I felt so useful in the team I worked in and I genuinely felt like I made a difference to some of my patients daily life in the time I spent with them so getting used to sitting in lectures again has taken some getting used to. Trying to stay focused is really difficult so I keep reminding myself why I’m here.

Its not long now until the Easter break so a quick rest is in order. After that its only 6 short weeks to the end of the year. If the rest of the course passes as quickly as this year, I’ll be qualified and out there working in no time!!!

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