Top 5 tips for exam success

By Mar.14, 2016

Yes, it’s exam season again but fear not, here are some study skills tips to see you through.



  1. Set a revision timetable.

Work out how many topics you need to cover and the number of days you have until the exams. Make a plan of what you’re going to revise each day.

  1. Check what you’re allowed to take into the exam.

Pens, calculator, small dinosaur? Who knows? Ask your tutor so that you’re not stressing in the exam.

  3. Seek help.

Check out the Skills for Learning website for information about our Revision and Exams workshops and take a look at our Study Basics Guides for advice.

4. During the exam – read the instructions and questions carefully.

Check how many questions from each section you need to answer and allocate enough time for planning, writing and reviewing each one.

       5. If your mind goes blank…

Write down any thoughts or words that might be relevant as this may spark off ideas that can then help you to answer the question.

Good luck!!!



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