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By Sep.19, 2016


So, you’ve completed Get Ahead and you’ve got to grips with the basics. Here’s our top ten checklist, just in case you’ve missed something…


1. University Student email

Know how to access your University student email account and check it daily for updates from the University, the Library, your school and your tutors


2. Blackboard

Learn how to access Blackboard and check it regularly. Your course tutors will post news, course updates, teaching information and announcements for your module on Blackboard. Access is from the student channel, the iSalford app, or download the Bb Student App.


3. Set up your mobile device ready for University 

Download the iSalford app to have your University information in one place. Access Blackboard, the Library search, latest news and announcements, maps and help links


4. Learn how to save and store your workUnderstand how to use the F:Drive to save and store your work securely (look at the section on ‘File Storage’ section).


5. Why do you need the Library?

Learn why it is important to get to know The Library.


6. Finding your books

Learn how to find the books you need and how to borrow them once you’ve found them.


7. Check out your reading list

Access your lists via the link in your Blackboard module – this will take you directly to the list for the module you are studying.


8. Skills for learning

The Library offers a range of online resources and workshops to help you study and work more effectively. If you are struggling with your studies, need training in IT or failing to find information then check out the Skills for Learning website for help and guidance.


9. The student channel

For all the links you need, the student channel is the place to go. Access email, Blackboard, study support, campus information and much more


10. Stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter and via our blog, and our subject pages

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